Your Workouts Will Help Improve My Bone Density!

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I discovered today your website after watching some videos of yours on YouTube. I find the workouts just great!

I have low bone density (osteopenia) and the general advice is to do strength training, though I also like to include the other two kinds of exercise: flexibility and cardio, for a complete workout. I have done basic exercises in the past, gym exercises, ballet inspired workout, ballet itself but not regularly because of work. However, I have very little experience with weights.

As my condition is not serious (I just got the indication of a little bit lower than normal), your kind of workout sounds like perfect therapy for someone as myself. I WILL develop stronger bones.

It can be done with exercises and special diet (Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium and other 17 minerals), which I initially plan to get from food (I have a new diet already). My bones will get stronger naturally (without pills) I WILL DO IT!

ONLY if my next densitometry shows no improvement will I take Calcium, Vitamin D3 and minerals pills, but I am willing to do anything to do it naturally. I had been exercising with weights, but to find your videos is great because I can now follow a specific program.

I am preparing for menopause, for a different stage in my life and have been told EXERCISE is the main ingredient to build bone –independently of how much calcium, Vitamin D3 or minerals you take, either naturally or through pills.

Also, to prevent diabetes, hypertension, heart problems (along with a really nutritious diet, which I am already following).

Thanks for creating these routines, for sharing with us! I just did your upper body routine (arms), where you use dumbbells. I thought I’d be dead tired, but it’s just perfect! Your routine is very complete (for my needs) and it’s great to be following a video.

I also love your anti-cellulite and legs routines which I can do with small weights attached to my legs!

Thank you very very much for providing different workouts, as I plan on making switches (morning/night) as you recommended.

Thanks for helping me from afar to “strengthen my bones” and overall health!

Happy Moni! :)

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