When do we exercise?

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by Kavya

Hi Rumi, I have lost weight over the last 5 months by eating healthy. Now I want to exercise and tone my body but I want to know when to exercise, I mean what time of the day? Does one have to eat before exercise or after? Can we drink water while exercising?

Answer from Rumi
Hi Kavya, you can exercise any time in the day, when is ok with your schedule. There is no rule abut this.

It is good to eat 2-3 hours before exercises and give the food time to digested so you don’t feel heaviness in your stomach.

But it is good to eat right after the workout, because your muscles need food to recover after the hard work. Protein bars are good food after you finish exercises and very comfortable to bring them in your purse.

About drinking water, I drink couple of sips of water while I workout, because I sweat a lot during exercising and my body needs hydration.


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