When and how long I see results from doing your exercises

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by Brittany Woodson
(Valdosta GA)

me last summer...ive gained weight since then

me last summer…ive gained weight since then

I just recently started doing your exercise routines a couple days ago and I’ve been doing them every other day when I get up in the morning and it takes me a little over an hour to complete them…

Is it ok to be doing them like that? If so about how long will it take me to start seeing progress and if not how should I be doing it?

Answer from Rumi

Hi Brittany, you do well my exercise videos, an hour per day is enough, continue with this 4 times per week and you will see results after the first week.

Do you follow a diet plan? Because without restricting calories you can’t lose weight because if you eat more than you spent and the result will be zero.

Read here foods that promote weight loss and chose a diet plan (I created them and they all work the difference between them is in the food choice, so chose which one which best fits our taste).


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