What Workout for Hips and Butt?

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workout-for-hips-and-butt Hi Rumi, I suppose you are Bulgarian and if you are, you can answer me in Bulgarian. My name is Ana and I am 32 years old. My weight was 68 kg 2 years ago. I managed to lose 8 kg by Dukan diet and no exercise.

Now, after 2 years I see myself putting fat on my hips and butt. I want to throw these fats by exercise workouts. I work 8 hours sitting on a desk. Only after work I can make workouts.

Once a week I make Cindy Crawford’s workout.
Eating – pork, chicken, lots of salads, very rarely fruits, rarely bread. I drink 100 gr alcohol daily at dinner. Water – 1.5 l a day.
I am 165 sm tall, 61 kg. I have two kids.
I attach my latest photo.


Answer from Rumi

Hi Ana, yes, I am Bulgarian :) but most of my readers speak English that’s why I answer in English.

Recommended exercise videos:

Thighs and bun to kill for workout video

Butt and abs workout video

Cellulite exercises for thighs

Thigh firming exercises

Butt firming exercises

Women tend to keep fat around buttocks, hips and tummy. Exercises for these area build muscles and tighten. If you want to lose weight around any body part you need to follow diet plan this is the only way to lose weight.

If you want to shape your buttocks, than you may want to try “Hip Thrusts” exercise, see on the video below how to do hip thrusts:

I often explain the need to do whole body exercise routines because while doing just 1 exercise you develop strength at the target zone and the rest of the body is weak and flabby which is premise for injury.

Hope this helps,

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