What Type of Quick Cardio Exercises Working Women Can Do to Lose Weight?

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by Vidhya Ramesh
(Dubai, UAE)

Vidhya Ramesh

Hi I am an Indian lady 32 years old, height 5 feet 2 inches and weight 85 Kgs. Basically I gained weight during my pregnancy when I was 22 because of high BP.

I am a working lady (6.30am – 6.30pm). I am a South Indian vegetarian and my diet is mainly rice or Roti with Dal and vegetables.

I eat sandwich in the morning and roti or other light tiffin varieties in evening. Since I have a hectic schedule I hardly get time to exercise then also I try to do 30 mins walking in treadmill at least thrice a week.

So, please suggest me a quick cardio which will enable me to reduce my weight. Thank you

Answer from Rumi

Hi Vidhya, you have beautiful face :)
I see that you didn’t try my cardio exercise routine it is less than 10 minutes and very very effective to burn fat.

Many Indian women write to me with weight loss questions and what I see as a main issue is the Indian food.

You eat mainly carbs – roti is carbohydrates, rice is carbohydrates – and you need to limit carbohydrates and fats to lose weight.

Exercises alone will not help you to lose weight. You need to eat protein food and vegetables (no fruits) to lose weight. I know it is difficult with Indian food and being vegetarian.

Try my vegetarian diet plan, hope you have in your country the foods I suggest.

But please limit roti and rice, they are weight loss obstacles.

Hope this helps,

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