What Time of the Day is the Best Time to do Exercise?

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by Rozi
(South Africa)

In the morning, before or after breakfast. Afternoon, before or after lunch, or in the evening before or after lunch. What is good food to eat before exercise and what is good food to eat after exercise.

My main aim for exercise is to be more fit and healthy but losing a couple of lbs would not hurt.
Thank you so much

Answer from Rumi

Hi Rozi, actually you can exercise when you want. But if you have flexible time and want to pull the maximum from exercises than following is the ideal exercise-eating plan.

Wake up and do exercises (40-60 mins) on empty stomach. If you like drinking diet protein shakes, than drink one before morning exercises.

Than right after morning exercises have breakfast with 1 protein and 1 carbs source. For example 1oz (25 grams) figs and 4oz (100 grams) lean meat plus some salad like lettuce or Iceberg.

Than for lunch have scrambled eggs with cheese and fresh salad (no fat) and 3 spoons of boiled brown rice.

Late snack: 300 grams yogurt or 5o grams cheese.

Dinner: 200 grams grilled lean meat and fresh salad (no fat).

Before exercise yo can eat only protein and it is better to be fast protein, that’s why protein shakes are good.

After exercises you need to eat some simple carbs (sugar) and protein. Fruits contain sugar.

Than your next meals try to have protein and fiber (salads) and very small amounts of carbs (brown rice) and fats (cheese).

Hope this helps,

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