What sort of exercise will make me lose weight?

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by H

I am a 20 year old woman, 5ft 11in and my weight is 169 lbs/77 kg. I used to be very active but since I’ve been unemployed my only source of exercise is a ballet class once a week.

I have the time to exercise everyday, but find it hard to motivate myself. I have no money therefore the gym, swimming etc is all out of the question. I have tried jogging, but have no idea what I should be doing to specifically lose weight.

My key areas (like every other women lol) are:
– my upper arms
– my thighs
– my love handles/tum
– my neck
could go on but I wont :D

The other problem I have is that due to having always danced I am very muscly but would like to get rid of this. When jogging I was extremely worried that I was putting on muscle when that is NOT what I want to do.

Any advice would be gratefully achieved.


Answer from Rumi

Hi H :), actually the answer of your question is in your question. Jogging is the best exercise for losing weight.

But you need to alternate different speed of jogging to lose weight.

For example run for a minute in moderate tempo, than run as fast as you can for a minute. Than again run moderate until your breath calm and once again run very fast for as long as you can (a minute is enough).

Do this for 20-40 minutes and you will start to see results after a week.

At the same time you need to follow diet plan, because running will not work if you eat bad foods.

Here is a list with foods that promote weight loss and more exercises for fast weight loss

All the best,

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