What is the best time to workout?

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by Rumi · 2 comments

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by Rashmi

I want to know what is the best time to workout and when should we not work out. I have a baby and I can’t come up with a fixed schedule to workout. So I want to know how long before and after having a meal can one workout.

Answer by Rumi

Hallo Rashmi, First congrats for your baby and for your enthusiasm to workout.

The good time to workout is 1-2 hours after you have a meal. Why? Because the goal of the workout is to burn calories and to speed up your metabolism.

After you have a meal your body absorbs the food for 1-2 hours (depending on the food you ate). Absorbing means that the food releases its energy and this energy comes to your body.

After the energy is released it is the best time to workout because of 2 reasons:

1. You have energy to workout, you are strong while doing exercises.

2. You spend the energy from the food and don’t give a chance to build as fat. By the way it is very good regulation principle: If you overdo eating, than after 1-2 hours run, walk, do exercises. This way you spend the extra energy you have from the overeating and don’t give a chance of this energy to be transformed as fat.

Hint:The body receives energy mainly from 3 types of food ingredients: protein, carbs and fat. Energy from protein can nourishes muscles, not spent energy from carbs is stored as fat. What this means?

Before doing exercises is good to eat protein food in order to nourish your muscles and not your fat areas. Protein food is lean meat – steaks from chicken breast, veal, fish.

IF you do exercises regularly maybe it is good to consider some diet regimen. I consolidated 3 of my most effective diets in a downloadable book. Yes, I sell the book, but the price is affordable because I want more people to try it. See diet book description.

Wish you the body you want and many nice moments with your kid :)


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