What exercise can I do during the first few days of period?

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by Nav
(Bangalore India)

I’m 19 years old, 5’5 1/2″ and 150 lbs. I’d like to know what kind of exercises can be done during the first and second days of my period. The first two days are horrible – I get lower back aches, feel bloated and moody.

I’ve noticed you have the PMS routine but I want to know if there’s something else I could do during period? Also, I’ve heard that it is not ok to exercise during period time.

Is that true? Let me know.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Nav, personally I don’t exercise during my first two days of the period because I have pain in my tummy. From the third day of my period I do what exercises I do usually.

On the contrary my girl friend has very light period, she never has pain or any discomfort and she exercises through all her period.

There is no rule about doing exercises in the first days of the period. My advice is to listen to your body and don’t exercise couple of days if you don’t feel good.

If you want to exercises you can do any exercise you like, there are no limitations, it is how you feel during these days.

Note: My PMS routine is for the days before the period and it helps to feel better (less aches) during the period.

All the best,

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