Are You Prepared For Weight Loss Surgery?

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Weight loss surgery is a very serious step in your life. I don’t want to convince you or to dissuade from stomach stapling. I want to explain you what to expect after the surgery.

– After every surgery you need time for rehabilitation. Plan some days off work, but it can’t be planed exactly how many days, it depends how your recovery goes, but minimum a week.

– After the surgery you will be still fat, expect the results to come later, because of decreasing of meal.

– You will stay at the hospital until you are able to drink and eat – this is to prevent dehydration.

– You will be not able to eat big amount of foods. You have to chew thoroughly every meal.

– And hopefully you have to change your wardrobe.

Before taking the decision for weight loss surgery try to find out information from your surgeon. Ask him for:

– Groups of post weight loss surgery people. You have to talk with them before surgery. They have real information and you have to hear it.

– Possible risks after surgery – discuss this with him several times and play trough different options.

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