Weight Loss

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by Rumi

Weight Loss Management for All

Weight loss management is something that many people don’t understand. Honestly weight loss is very, very easy, the only thing you have to do is to stop eat bad foods and to limit yourself only to simple foods.

The rule is: there must be calorie deficiency in order to lose weight!

If you want successful weight loss management than you have to do controlled eating. Eat only to cover your needs in order to sustain life and nothing more!

Remember that you don’t have to be on a diet the whole life. You have to be on a diet only for the period you want to lose weight. Once you achieve your desired weight, you can stop dieting and start eat more. Fast way to lose weight.

The logic behind this weight loss rule is just simple and proven. You don’t gain weight day after, usually it happens in the periods you eat a lot and than you just hold the gained weight.

If you eat normal, you neither gain nor lose weight.

To gain weight you must eat more.

To lose weight you must eat less.

You see, it is simple! But not easy to do!

Action Plan in order to have successful weight management

  • First week – stop eating everything that is sweet, no matter what kind of sugar it is (avoid even fruits). If the food is sweet, than stay away from it!
  • Second week – stop eating any kind of bread. If you feel you need carbs, than eat some rice, but not too much and not fried rice. And of course continue avoid sweet foods.
  • Third week – forget about all fried foods – fried meat, fries, fried vegetables, fried fish – if something is fried, don’t touch it!
  • Fourth week – eat 3 times per day grilled meat (lean steaks and fish) and 3 times big fresh salads without any sauce!!!!

If you follow these simple rules, than you DO weight loss management.

Very important: Once you achieve your desired weight, don’t rush to eat more. Just eat normal, no over eating, not too many sweet and fried foods. From time to time is ok to eat everything, but watch yourself. If you overdo eating in a day, than the same day or the next go to the gym, walk for a couple of hours, jog or climb stairs.

Any activity will help to recover the balance. Just remember to do it in time! Don’t give the fat the chance to build it, burn it immediately and you can eat what you want.

My purpose is to establish this place as top weight loss site and the most significant online weight management recourse.

There is no need to reed 1000 sites about weight loss, I do this for your. There is no need to research the latest news about weigh loss – I do this for you and further more – I will write all information in easy to understand way and very short. Choose from the topics below the most appropriate to you.

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