Why This Weight Loss Information Is Important?

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Because this will make you happier and will free your mind from heavy thoughts how to loose weight and how to stop to eat. Weight loss is related to two things:

– How much energy you eat


– How much energy you spent.

Your task is to take control on both.

The main reason people loose weight is that they decrease the energy/food they take and increase the energy they spent.

You don’t need sophisticated diets to loose weight; you just have to stop to stuff your body with food. Eat 5-6 times a day – very small portions. If don’t know what and how much to eat, take ideas from Quick weight loss.

It is a big lie that if you eat low carb and low fat food you will loose weight. The trick is that people eat too much and the only thing you have to do is to eat a half from the food you eat. Very simple goal is to split to 2 every your meal and to eat only the half – try this for a week and see the result. You will feel that you can button easier your trousers and that you wake up fresh and in positive mood. And if you like the result, go on and eat only the half from your meal.

Now let’s concentrate on energy spent. How often you walk, in general are you walking or you sit all the day and drive a car? Why you have legs? To walk, to jump, to run – why don’t you use them?

You are thinking that it is time consuming to do these activities – yes, it is, but how much time you spent in front of the TV? Now, imagine that instead of using elevator you climb stairs using the legs Mother Nature gave it to you.

Now, you are thinking “My office is on the 25th floor”. Okay, no problem, walk 10 floors and than take the elevator.

And when you leave the building it is so easy to go down stairs, it is nor difficult, nor time consuming. Remember this next time when you see elevator and ask where the stars are.

And forget for all other weight loss information you have ever read, above is the only information you have to know.

And of course if you are quite brave you can try my home made video workouts and exercise with me right now. Go to free workout routines.

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