Wanting to get back to the weight I use to be

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by Alex

I’m 18 years old and have always had body problems. I don’t like wearing short skirts/dresses or even shorts because of my cellulite which is a big problem in the summer because I’m usually having to wear jeans to hide it.

I’m 5 foot 2 inches and weigh 8 and a half stone. I’m told I am still a healthy weight for my age and height, however I did use to be 8 stone which was when I felt happier within myself.

I am wanting to get back down to 8 stone, if not a little bit less than that, but my main problem is my cellulite and big thighs. To start losing weight I’ve been eating healthier and exercising whenever I can, because since leaving school I haven’t done much exercise and find it hard to even find exercises which have an impact.
I didn’t follow a particular diet, I still occasionally pig out on take always but I am trying to only drink water and keep away from fizzy drinks.

I am also eating a lot more fruit and vegetables. I find it really difficult to keep away from bad foods, especially being my age when I can’t really cook food and chose microwaveable meals instead or trying to chose the healthiest option on a menu in a restaurant when all of my friends pick the fat foods. It is always tempting.

The exercises I have been doing are fitness and strength. I am trying to do a lot of cardiovascular exercises such as walking/running or just running up and down the stairs, and I am also doing strength by using dumbbells to try and tone up my arms.

I also try to do some sit ups but I find these quite hard to do and very tiring. I have also started doing some of your exercise videos and I must be honest, I can already feel better about myself when I am doing them, and I think I will definitely be sticking to them when I have 20 minutes free.

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