Completely Vegetarian Diet Plan

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To lose weight when you are a complete vegan is hard, because most of the protein sources are not vegetarian. Following is a week vegetarian diet plan which you can practice for 2-3-4 weeks than you need to start eating bigger variety of foods, because eating the same diet is not healthy for a long period.

The completely vegetarian weight loss diet is based on the concept of protein diet combined with some good (slow) carbs (there is no vegan food containing only protein).

The best vegan protein source is Tofu. I know most of you don’t like it, but this is because you never cook it in the right way. But I will provide some delicious and easy tofu recipes that will make your menu tempting.

Monday – 1100 calorie day

Breakfast – 100 grams of raw avocado (160 calories) with tomatoes (eat as much as you want) and 50 grams low fat tofu (70 calories). Cut the avocado and tomatoes, add some salt and vinegar. Don’t add oil, because avocado is fatty enough.

Snack An apple, app. 200 grams – 100 calories. Here you can add a protein shake (100 calories). Read about my favorite brand of diet protein shakes along with information how to use it. This protein shake is made of soy and is good for completely vegetarian diet.

Launch – 100 grams boiled brown rice (110 calories) with 150 grams low fat tofu (210 calories). You can boil rice and tofu together, very important to add many seasonings, like Cumin and black pepper, because they give strong taste to this dish. Don’t add any oil. On your taste have fresh salad with the launch, like tomatoes or cucumbers or lettuce.

Snack – a glass of low fat soy milk. If you don’t like the taste, drink it with a straw, so the milk goes directly in the throat lol. Depending on the brand it is 80-100 calories per glass.

Dinner – a bowl of dense lentils soup, app. 200 grams of drained lentils. This is app. 220 calories.

Tuesday – 1150 calorie day

Breakfast – a banana, app. 200 grams, 180 calories

Snack – a glass of low fat soy milk or protein shake.

Launch – Boil 200 grams of broccoli (70 calories) with 200 grams of low fat tofu (280 calories). Add salt and Basil. Cut on small pieces broccoli and tofu, boil for 10 minutes, drain and eat.

Snack – 50 grams raw walnuts – 320 calories.

Dinner – Boil mature peas seeds with water, salt and cut on small pieces a tomato. Before eating add parsley. – 200 calories.

Wednesday – 1400 calorie day

Breakfast – pour hot water over 3 spoons of oat meals (plain type, no sugar, no flavor, no any other additives) – 200 calories, add 1/2 spoon of honey – 150 calories.

Snack – 50 grams raw almonds – 280 calories

Launch – Cut 200 grams zucchini (30 calories), add 200 grams low fat tofu (280 calories) and put it in the oven for 20-30 minutes. Serve with dill.

Snack – a pear with protein shake – 200 calories.

Dinner – boil 300 grams of navy beans with garlic and salt – 240 calories. Serve with lemon juice or vinegar.

Thursday – 1150 calorie day

Breakfast – 100 grams of whole grain bread (app. 1-2 slices) – 250 calorie, smash a raw tomato with 50 grams low fat tofu (70 calories), add some salt.

Snack – protein shake.

Launch – 200 grams baked potatoes – 180 cal. with 100 grams tofu – 140 cal.

Snack – an apple.

Dinner – tofu and leeks soup. Cut 200 grams of low fat tofu and leeks and boil with garlic and salt for 20 minutes. Eat hot. – 300 cal.

It is very hard to create vegetarian diet plan which is high in protein and low in carbs

Friday – 1100 calorie day

Breakfast – 300 grams kiwi – 180 cal.

Snack – 50 grams raw pumpkin seeds – 270 cal.

Launch – Cook 200 grams of tofu (280 calories) with 2 chopped tomatoes, add a spoon of olive oil and stew for 20 minutes. Serve with Basil.

Snack – 200 grams raw carrots. Wash them and cut on thin, long slices. Squeeze a lemon in a glass with some water and salt. Put the carrot slices in the glass – this way carrots become very tasty and juicy – 80 cal.

Dinner – 300 grams (drained) cooked kidney beans with tomato salad – 150 calories.

Saturday – 1100 calorie day

Breakfast – a big grapefruit (app. 300 grams) – 110 calories.

Snack – 200 grams raw red peppers – 60 calories.

Launch – Stew 200 grams of spinach (50 calories) with 200 grams of tofu (280 calories) and a spoon of olive oil. Add salt and seasonings.

Snack – 50 grams raw almonds – 300 calories.

Dinner – stew 200 grams of potatoes with 2 tomatoes, 2 red peppers and garlic – total 250 calories.

Sunday – 1300 calorie day

Breakfast – an apple – 100 calories

Snack – 300 grams of melon – 120 calories

Launch – 200 grams spaghetti (200 grams boiled, not raw) – 260 cal. Prepare tomato and tofu sauce. Stew 100 grams of low fat tofu with 2 chopped tomatoes – 160 calories.

Snack – protein shake (100 cal.) or 50 grams of raw hazelnuts (320 calories).

Dinner – a bowl of dense lentils soup, app 300 grams – 330 calories

General directions for a vegetarian diet plan

  • Fruits have good nutrition value and once you lose weight you can eat plenty of them. But for the period of vegetarian weight loss diet, limit them per 1-2 fruits per day because of the high carb content. Dry fruits have more calories than raw fruits per 100 grams. Eat fruits before the lunch, because body has time to spend energy from carbs until the night. If you eat many carbs before you go to bed, than you don’t have time to spend this energy and most probably you will gain weight.
  • Protein shakes in the above vegan diet are not obligatory and usually I don’t recommend them for regular usage. But because vegetarian food is not rich of protein it is good to consider including protein shakes in your menu from time to time. Like 3-5 times per week.
  • Tofu – especially low fat is excellent food choice for a vegan diet. There are different types/brands of tofu and some of them don’t taste good – just try several brands to find out what you like. The fresher and the firmer is tofu, the better. I found that adding vegetables and seasonings to the cooked tofu is the best way to enjoy tofu meals.
  • Nuts are very healthy food, but they also are high in calories. For the period of vegetarian diet, limit them to no more than 50 grams per meal.
  • Vegetables – eat plenty of them, because they are high in fiber, vitamins and low in calories. Every time you feel hunger – eat vegetables. If you have late cravings before going to bed, than prepare a big salad and eat it slowly. Don’t add any sauce, just, salt, vinegar and olive oil.

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