Trying to lose belly fat with stomach issues

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by mary
(del rio, tx)

Hello, My name is Mary and about a year ago I began to work with weights. I see the difference but only my arms and legs. I have had hard time losing belly fat.

It doesn’t matter how much I do ab work its not working for me. I have gastritis, lactos intolerance and gas problems. When I eat certain foods my stomach feels huge and I get discouraged.

I weigh 180lbs and I’m 5ft 7in. I do my workout during my lunch hour (45min the most) because I don’t have time after work since I have 3 children. I don’t see a drop in weight my arms don’t have definition and my belly still looks the same.

Any advice on diet and workouts with my limits?

Answer from Rumi

Hi Mary, sorry for my late reply, there are hundreds questions waiting to answer.

You can’t lose love handles doing exercises. The only thing you need to do is to stop eating sweets (even fruit), fried food, doughy food (bread, cookies, crackers etc).

You didn’t mention which foods make you ill and I can’t recommend an exact diet plan.

Here is the page with all my diet plans. Look at them and see which one fits your stomach issues.

Remember that meat and vegetables diet is the best way to lose weight in any spot – love handles, arms, legs – you will start to see results after the first week.

But follow the diet religiously or it will not work if you make any change.


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