Trucker’s wife wants to lose 40 lbs

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by Stephanie Coleman
(Oklahoma City ,Ok. USA)

Hi there. My name is Stephanie through the years I never had a problem with my weight. That is until I married my husband. As he is an over the road truck driver, wanting to spend more time with him I thought it would be nice to go with him & it was, but with the lack of exercise I put on about 45 lbs ,and no sign of getting rid of the extra weight.

In the last couple of weeks I came off the road and am now at home. So it is time to lose the weight. Being 42 years old, 5ft. 3in, 150 lbs. Its not working as well as I would like as I am very out of shape.

I have tried three other videos and just can’t seem to keep up, all three being cardio. I have also cut down on my food intake as well. I would like to lose at least 40lbs by the summer but I am just not so sure I can.

Although after finding your videos and trying them for the first time today, there may be hope for me after all. Your workout routines are much easier to follow and keep up with. As they are free and me not having the money to buy more videos is also a wonderful bonus.

I thank you so much and hope with your help I will be thin again. Thank You again yours truly Stephanie Coleman

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