Training and Diet Schedule for Women

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by Rahul

Hello there, I am Rahul from India. I am a gym trainer in India. I am serving for boys/men only. But now I am asked to train girls/women (for figure/ for fat loss). Can you please help me regarding:

1 Exercise Schedule
2 Diet Schedule
3 Keep them motivated.

Looking forward for your help.

Thank you
Rahul (India)

Answer by Rumi

Hi Rahul,

Wow what a question you asked me! Thanks for your trust. Honestly I am not a certified trainer and what I share in this site is my personal experience.

Any way I like to advice you with my knowledge.

My boyfriend does weight workouts and I see a little difference in the way we both workout.

His goals are to build muscles and burn fat.

My goals are to burn fat and look tightened.

Usually women’s goal is to lose weight and you need to structure the workout in the way they will spend much energy in order to lose weight.

1 Exercise Schedule – workout every second day, this means 3-4 workouts per week.

Type of exercises – strength training plus cardio (treadmill or elliptical) at the end of the workout. Usually I need about 40 minutes strength exercises with free weights and than 20-40 minutes treadmill – this combination keeps me well trained.

You can split exercises for different muscles in different days (the same like men’s workout). Train them on this schedule for 2 months and than apply new workout schedule – all major muscle groups workout in a single workout (I prefer this one personally, because if I miss workout, I already trained all major muscles and there is balance).

Men’s and women’s workouts don’t differ too much; you can have the same workout schedule for women and men.

What I see like a difference is that women prefer to workout a lot thighs, because they believe this burn fat on thighs, which is wrong concept, but you can’t beat this in the beginning, that’s why I recommend to include in female workout, exercises specially for inner thighs and hips. Women subconsciously need to exercises spots they have fat ;-).

2 Diet Schedule

Diet principles for men can be applied to women too. What I see like an issue is that sometimes women hardly understand the concept to consume more protein and to decrease carbs and fat, but probably this is true for men too.

Women have relatively smaller muscles than men and they need less protein intakes to sustain muscles. Usually it is 2-2.5 grams protein per kilo weight. For example if I weight 50 kilos, I need 100-125 grams of protein per day.

3 Keep them motivated

This is hard :) and I suggest starting with light workouts preferably with exercises for problematic women’s spots, so women will think they burn fat and some cardio at the end. Try to speak with them about the diet – because we know that without a diet, exercises alone will not burn fat.

I think lots of talk about the diet is a must. I often write a diet for a woman and than she asks me “Can I have apples too” (there are no apples in the diet).

What people don’t understand is that they need to follow the diet religiously and eat only foods included in the diet. Often women eat food in the diet and than some more food which is not in the diet, but somehow they decide this will not hurt.

A week before their period women become nervous and unpredictable and you need to understand this, even more talk with them that workout and diet will improve their PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

This is the time women easily spoil their diet, so you could adjust the diet according to their period. Because they feel stronger hunger you can put more carbs in the diet a week before the period. Or recommend supplements especially for women that have ingredients for control of moods and emotions.

I have written an article in my blog about good protein for women and you could recommend such a product to women, so this will decrease the influence of women issues.

Another issue with women is that they need fast results and evidence that they lose weight, so my advice is to achieve some results during the first week of workout in order to win their trust and persistence. I know it is hard to see results for a week, but a diet change could give results faster than exercises and most probably you have to start with diet advices in order to have further progress.

Hope this helps, if you have more detailed questions, use the comments to ask me and I will answer.

All the best,

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