Total Body Fat Killer: 200 Rep Workout

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This is fat killer workout, brutal and very effective. It took me less than 15 minutes to do it but that were torture 15 minutes. Everybody can find 15-20 minutes each day to exercises and then enjoy the rest of the day.

If you follow my workouts on regular basis, don’t spoil your efforts with bad eating. Diet is 90% from the weight loss. Exercises speed up metabolism, create health benefits but can’t burn the food you over eat.

If you need step by step weekly workout schedule and reliable diet plan, check my belly fat and cellulite exercise program (no equipment needed).

Exercises in Total Body Fat Killer Workout

1. Squat+jump and Sumo squat+jum – 50 rep
This is extremely good total body exercise that stress on thighs, bun and abs. At the end you will be breathless which is good if your goal is weight loss and health. Because you need a lot of oxygen to transform fat into energy and also you improve your cardio vascular system.

Squat pushing your hips back (don’t push knees forward, keep knees behind toes), keep your back straight. Jump and open legs in the air to finish in sumo squat. Then from sumo squat jump and gather legs in the air to finish in squat.

Optional is to touch the floor every time you squat, but keep proper form and back straight.

Beginners do few rep or don’t squat too low.

You can rest any time until you finish 50 rep.

2. Single leg hip trust – 25 rep each leg
This exercise is for back of the thigh and really kills me. I don’t know if the chair is too slippery or I need to get used to it. I will do this exercise often in my upcoming workouts until it becomes easier.

Lie on the ground, put the right heel on a chair. Keep your arm where is comfortable for you. Raise hips and in the upper position squeeze bun and back of the thigh. Lower hips but don’t touch the ground. Repeat.

Beginners do this exercise stepping on the ground or with both feet on the chair.

3. Push ups – 50 rep
For push ups is important to tighten the whole body and keep the bun up, don’t allow to fall down (you may hurt your waist.)

It was the first time I tried to do 50 push ups and I really didn’t know whether I can finish them or not.

The good thing is you can go on knees when you are tired and even easier is to stand up and do push ups again a wall.

4. Dumbbell rows – 50 rep
I know most women don’t find interesting to workout back muscles, but you need to know that this is important for your body composition and health. If you workout hard your abs for example and they become stronger than your back you are subscribed for upcoming back injures.

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