Thin and still have awful love handles

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by Rumi · 1 comment

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by Emily

Okay, so I’m a thin person who recently lost 10 pounds, which makes me really thin. However, I have one problem. I work out my obliques very intensely, but I have these awful love handles.

I eat healthy and I do just about everything in my power to get rid of them. I want them off so badly, but there is nothing I can do.

I’m sick of having to constantly pull up my pants so my love handles won’t show. What do you recommend I do about this problem?

Answer from Rumi

Hi Emily, I understand your frustration because being thin and having love handles is awful.

Your problem most probably is genetic and you can’t blame yourself for having fat around waist.

What I suggest is lowering your stress levels, because cortisol is released when you are under stress and cortisol is guilty for not losing stubborn love handles.

You need 3 things to get rid rid of love nadles:

1. Regular workout and not only exercises for abdominal muscles but workout whole body.

2. A diet plan.

3. Be relaxed and happy – meet friends, read nice books, watch funny movies, do things you love – these will decrease stress and love handles.

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All the best,

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