The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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I like to read and always search for valuable resources. It is very hard to find really good exercise related book, because their authors heavily sell and it is very difficult to see behind the sales pitch and to understand is it good book or the next exercise scam.

I purchased the book very skeptically (mainly because of my female curiosity) but I was very nicely surprised of the content of this book.

I like The Truth About Six Pack Abs book because the author Mike is personal trainer and has real experience in ab workouts. I was returned back in the time when we study at school how our body functions. I like this approach when somebody gives logical explanation why something works and why other methods don’t.

Mike is concerned about his readers and even he gives his e-mail to them for any questions regarding the book.

The other thing I like in this book is that Mike discusses diet as important step to 6 pack abs.

This book is 106 pages with best ab exercises, most of them performed in the gym, but if you have small weights you can do them at home.

If you buy one book this year, let be this one. It was good spent $37 for me.

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