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For strength training women always think that this will bulk them up and they will loose their female look. It is absolutely not true. Strength training is a must for every woman who want to enjoy health and to lose weight – learn how

From strength training women can benefit:

– Mood and self confidence boost. During the exercises your body produces endorphins that improve your mood and you start to feel happy and your ability to enjoy life start to grow.

– Your desire for romance and sex will grow. Women who enjoy having sex are more attractive for men. It seems that some how men “smell” when women like sex and such women have better chances for dates.

– You will lose weight and even faster if you stop eat fast and junk food. Muscles burn more energy then fat. So workout, build lean muscles and let them helping you burn unwanted weight. Don’t be afraid to build some muscles – lean muscles will make you look tighten and sexy. And remember that building muscles is not easy. In the beginning you can build some muscles but after a month you will see that this process stops and these lean muscles help you to lose weight.

– Your strength and endurance will grow – imagine that lifting children won’t be problem for you.

– New muscles will support your bone system and there is smaller risk from osteoporosis

– Doing strength training women also benefit mental health and high spirit.

– You will look 5 to 10 years younger – think about that! You met old friends and they all greet you for your youth look.

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