Star Jumps and Steppers for Weight Loss

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Dear Rumi, Thanks for all your free videos – I use them a lot :). I was wondering what you think of star jumps – I sometimes find that I want something quite energetic but find jogging on the spot too mild, while real jogging around a park I tried once and it was terribly hard – my legs were sore for ages!

I’m 22 years old so have a lot of energy to release: do you think star jumps are a good cardio exercise and do they burn much fat (I’m also thinking of a bit of gentle weight loss)?

My other query is about steppers – would you recommend them as a good way to release energy and do an easy (ie uncomplicated) cardio workout?

Best wishes, and hope you’re having a good Christmas-time,


Answer from Rumi

Hi Lottie, thank you for your greetings. Star jumps are very good cardio workout. It is best when you combine them in Interval training. Grab a watch and do 30 seconds Star jumps than 30 seconds jogging on the spot – this is very good for weight loss. Do this for 10-20 minutes (as long as you can). But be warned that your calves muscles may sore next day – to prevent this – start with 2-3 minutes and slightly increase duration.

Steppers are very good, why not chose exercise DVDs for stepper workout routines. Stepper workout is good for thighs and butt and at the same time is good cardio too.

Try Star jumps and stepper and come here to tell us how you feel.

All the best,

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