Sick and work out?

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by Sap

My normal workout is 4 days a week and the weekend free. Now the last time I worked out was last Friday and it is now Wednesday. I have been sick and I so I haven’t been going.

If I start again tomorrow and get back into the routine, have my muscles changed since Friday? Meaning how many days are too many before your body changes?


Hi Sap,

Hope you feel better now :-)

It is good you took some rest days, because it is not good to workout when you are ill.

Your body changes all the time but I know you are asking me about how long you need to get in shape. Usually if I have rest more than 4 days, after I do exercises I feel sore next couple of days. But this is only the first time after the rest.

My recommendation is to do your usual workout but in light manner. For example do fewer reps or use lighter weights. You could do treadmill walking before and after the workout, so your body will be warmed up and this makes the sore after lighter.

In your case I don’t see any reason to worry because you didn’t workout just for 5 days. Take hot shower after the workout, a glass of beer or red wine can make miracles (but just one lol).

Please, write me how you feel after your first workout, I love to read about the progress!

All the best,

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