Shoulder muscle exercise is the cherry of your ice cream

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You have to do shoulder muscle exercise because you have to do exercises for all body muscles. Remember that the only way to have perfect butt, abs or arms (or body) is to have versatile body muscles – I mean all body muscles, not only some of them.

There are several shoulder muscles exercises; here I will show you the main 2 which I always do.

Shoulder muscle exercise #1

Stay upright. Legs are opened on the shoulder width, bend knees very lightly, just to have more stability. Put your hands in front of your belly. Bend elbows. Open arms to the sides and keep elbows bent. When hands are on height of shoulders you have to feel maximum tension in your shoulders. If you feel tension in your arm or back or waist there is something wrong in your position, fix your position until you feel tension only in shoulder muscles. When lift hands exhale, when go down inhale. Do 3 sets, each 8-12 reps.

shoulder muscle exercise

Shoulder muscle exercise #2

Stay the same starting position as the above exercise, only hands point to the ceiling on shoulder width. When lift hands exhale, when go down inhale. Do 3 sets, each 8-12 reps. Watch to feel tension only in shoulder muscles. If you feel tension in back or waist, fix your position.

shoulder muscle exercise

I again remind that you have to train all body muscles no matter what goals you want to achieve. For example I’ve always had well shaped shoulder muscles, this is gene, but nevertheless I always do shoulder muscle exercises in my workouts.

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