Short Full Body Workout

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This is short full body workout showing only bodyweight exercises. You don’t need any equipment and you can do it right now feeling the results after just 15 minutes.

Remember that you can’t tone fat, because exercises influence muscles and not fat. The only option you have is to burn fat via diet plan and best fat burning exercises that melt cellulite and stomach fat.

Exercises in full body workout

1. Lunge back + leg raise – 10 reps each leg
This exercise targets the whole thigh (inner, front and back) and because you need to keep balance while raising the leg, you tighten your stomach to keep the torso upright.

Lunge back, keep you front knee behind toes (this way even people with knee issues can do it). When stand up raise the leg front. Keep your back straight, don’t arch it.

lunge back

2. On chair raise back leg + lift other knee – 10 reps each legs
Another exercise for thighs that stress on back of the thigh, because previous exercise emphases on front thigh. You need to have your muscles workout even in order to prevent injury.

3. Push up + roll + 2 leg raises + roll back: this is 1 rep – 5 reps
This is total body exercise. Push up is for chest, arms, stomach, lower back. Leg raises stress on stomach muscles.

Do push up, then lower the body until lie on the ground, roll, lie on your back and lift head and legs simultaneously (twice), then lie on your back and roll back.

4. Alternating knee jumps – 100 reps
Effective fat burn is impossible without short, intense cardio. Push hard in this exercise because in order to make the most of stored fat you need a lot oxygen and in this short interval try to boost your heart rate up. This means more oxygen will come to your body and more fat will be utilized for energy.

5. Side plank – 5 reps each side.
Beginner can do this exercise from knees. This is exercise for side core muscles and shoulders. It is hard exercise and don’t get discouraged if you can do it only 1 rep. Just keep trying and you will get stronger.

Do you like this full body workout? It is short but so intense! Tell me how you find it :)

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