Shopska salad is diet and healthy food suitable for every diet plan

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Salads and especially shopska salad are my favorite type of food. I prefer them as they are tasty, fuel my body with vitamins, restore its intestinal function and are diet.
Ingredients for Shopska salad:

White cheese (feta)
Olive oil

Slice the tomatoes and the cucumbers in shapes you like. Chop the onions (preferably spring ones), add a few spoonfuls of olive oil and mix all ingredients. Form serving portions and top with grated cheese.

Shopska salad
Tomatoes contain of Lycopene which has very good slimming effect. Of course Lycopene is in very small quantity in tomatoes but when you are on diet everything matter. (You have to eat many, many tomatoes to reach the need it daily value to lose weight, as it is in diet pills, where Lycopene is concentrated in sufficiently quantity). I recommend eating lots of tomatoes when you are on diet. Also tomatoes have some substitute that helps body to throw away toxins.

Shopska salad 1
90% from cucumber are compound from water. Water is very important for your life. Often people underrate water importance. It is extremely important to drink water every day. Drink 5 glass of water a day – minimum. When you are on diet your body needs water to relieve of scraps.

Shopska salad 2
The onion in shopska salad is very beneficial to you digestive organs, because stimulate them to produce need it digestive substances. Onion influence very well constipation and ensure regularly emptiness of intestines.

Shopska salad 3

Parsley also supports digestive organs. Eat it only fresh, when you cook parsley you decrease its usefulness.

Olive oil is rich of unsaturated fatty acids. These fats are very important for hormone synthesis. When you are on diet try to eat food rich of unsaturated fatty acids.

White cheese has very good proportion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins and will give you feeling of satiety.

You can change the ingredients of salads as you wish. For instance I sometimes leave out the onion in Shopska salad. Experiment to find out what you really like. If an ingredient is missing, use a substitute or simply omit it.

Mmm, really tastes good, so nutritious, diet and healthy

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