Sexy legs

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Sexy legs can be achieved if you really want them. What to do?

Sexy legs


Action #1

You have to melt all the fat between your muscles and skin. This fat is as jelly – without shape, staying around your hip muscles it makes you look as soft, formless woman. You need nutrition plan to “correct” your legs. Check diet section for ideas what and how to eat.

Action #2

Workout entire body. I recorded my home workouts and put them online. If you want you can immediately start workout with me. Go to free workout routines.

Action #3

You have to prepare your skin for your new look at the very beginning. It is very usual people who loose weight very quickly, to look as they wear their skin as loose clothes. You have to think for this moment from the start of your diet and workout.

If you plan to slim down up to 10 pounds (5 kilos) your skin will be less influenced. But if you wish to burn more weight, you have to be prepared for the effect of diet – stretch marks. You can do 2 things in combination to make ready your skin for weight loss:

– Take multi vitamins with your diet. Check my vitamins for more information which I consider for best vitamin supplement.

– Apply stretch mark lotion to your skin – because pregnant women are always on risk from stretch mark, the best products to remove them are lotions for pregnant women. The other good thing for these lotions are that big companies are very careful with products for pregnant women and these lotions are as possible save (not with side effects) for people.

Don’t expect too much from stretch mark lotion – depending on how many pounds you loose, stretch mark lotion reduce stretch marks, but sometimes it can not remove them entirely.

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