Tuna sandwich can be diet, nutritious and healthy, depending on the ingredients used to prepare it

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Tuna sandwich can be prepared for 5 minutes, because all ingredients are ready to eat. We all need to save time, isn’t it?

This sandwich is not only quick meal, but also is full of good ingredients that will boost your metabolism and you will not gain more weight, even more, you can lose weight if you eat healthy.
Here are all ingredients:

tuna sandwich

French bread, preferably wholegrain.

A tin of tuna fish, filet or chunks, in brine. If the tuna is in olive oil or sauce, the sandwich will be too heavy and not dietary. Check the label to make sure the tuna fish is in brine (i.e. in its own sauce).

Mayonnaise – dairy or other, but definitely low fat. Low fat means fat should be under 30%.

Fresh green salad

Pitted olives

Yellow cheese

Make a cut along the bread loaf and take the soft inner part out, so that mostly the crust remains.

Open the tin of tuna fish and drain the liquid off. You may push down the lid with your thumb and turn the tin upside down to fully drain the water off.

Add 2 spoonfuls of mayonnaise to the tuna and mix well. Taste the mixture and possibly add 1-2 more spoonfuls of mayonnaise but make sure not to add too much as the sandwich will not be healthy.

Spread the mixture over one half of the bread, on the inside.

Top with yellow cheese, quantity to your taste.

Add plenty of salad to make the sandwich tuna fresh. Add the pitted olives last.

The sandwich tuna is now ready to eat. I love this sandwich because:
– It tastes great.
– It delivers the necessary nutritional substances in a well balanced combination to ensure the normal functioning of the body.
– I enjoy a sandwich without feeling guilty of eating junk or high-calorie food as this sandwich is well balanced and none of its ingredients is too much to make me put on weight.
– It is ready in 5 minutes.

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