San Francisco

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All started on the plain, the food is awful, I don’t eat meat, so vegetarian choices are stuffed with carbs. But non vegetarian choices are not much better, try to avoid food on plains; it is not tasty and full of sugar and starches.

I love the idea of fasting for 16 – 24 hours and traveling is perfect time to do it. This is very easy weight loss and you can’t follow a diet plan I recommend it strongly (but you need to watch your portion size after fasting).

The method is simple, have your dinner, then sleep during the night, then skip breakfast and lunch (you can have water and herbal tea without sugar, green tea is ok too) and your next meal is again at dinner time. But don’t over eat dinner, have normal portion size.

This is very easy to do 1 day in a week and you easily have 1600-2000 calories deficit from fasting for 24hours. The easiest way is to have dinner, sleep, then skip breakfast and have lunch – try this first and then go for 24 hours fasting.

Pasta, bread and cake in one meal, this is suicide!

San Francisco is lovely city, we stayed in Down Town in the heart of Financial district. I love the port, nice restaurant, streets are up or down, very good for hill sprints lol This is the city of running people. So many people run and gyms are full.

The port tower behind

During the first day in San Francisco we rented bikes and cross the Golden Gate bridge, it was so fun. I didn’t bike since 20 years and first couple of minutes it was difficult to stay on the bike but it is true you never forget how to bike :)

Can you see the bridge in the mist?

San Francisco has permanent mist and wind. The mist is high (didn’t fall low until we been there, and the wind killed us, we were unprepared. That’s why I bought a scarf as a memory gift for myself).

Golden gate bridge in mist and clouds

We bike from Fisherman’s Wharf through Golden gate bridge to Saulsalito village where we took the ferry back to San Francisco. We spot the Alcatraz prison from the ferry. The interesting thing is that this is the prison where prisoners enjoy hot shower so they not get used to cold water and easily escape by swimming in cold ocean lol

The view from ferry was fab

San Francisco from the ocean

Marijuana seems popular in California and you can have it against medical certificate that you are depressed or something like this, impressive!

The second day you decided to have a walk from Down town up to Twin Peaks, we climbed 2 hours until we reach the peaks. It was not hard walk and hike but there was wind that made things a little bit freeze, but the scarf saved me :) The views from Twin Peaks deserved the hike and some part of the raw cross a nice district with beautiful houses.


The way down we crossed a district with so typical streets of San Francisco, it was like being in a movie :) We also came to a big park where so many people run, I never been in a place with so many people who care for their health, remarkable!

We finished the day with a delicious dinner with California wine and so nice dessert I can kill for.

California is popular for Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, but we chose a mixture of grapes and it was excellent choice!

Chocolate ice cream with 3 types of toppings (chocolate, caramel and nuts mmmmm)

Mint ice cream (it is freshly prepared in the restaurant and you can feel the part of fresh mint) between cacao cakes mmmm

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