Prepare stomach for bikini holiday

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by Kylie
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I’m going to the Bahamas this summer and I need the PERFECT bikini body, especially if I’m going to be swimming and being around strangers, I don’t want them to think I’m FAT!! I’m skinny every where else except my stomach, it’s huge! I know for a fact I’m not pregnant. I eat a lot, I keep eating and eating. I am always hungry and it goes to my stomach and butt. I just want help with my stomach! Can you please help me?


Hi Kylie,

I feel your desperate need to look good for your holiday. You describe yourself like constantly eating person who needs to lower the amount of food.

From what you’ve written I see that your problem is not fat stomach or butt but what you eat. It is a good practice to eat often during the day, but it depends on how much and what.

If you are skinny else where, I think that if you just improve the quality of food you eat you can achieve miracles.

Try to eat 5-6 times per day (every 2 hours). I will not give you the list of exact foods to eat, I just wan to mention some “forbidden” foods:

  • Sweet
  • Fast food
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Fried food

Avoid type of foods written above and every time you eat – eat less amount of food – because big amount makes your stomach looks bloating.

Very simple: eat mainly meat and vegetables; eat small portions often and do exercises 3-4 times per week. Why not try my online exercise videos.

After a month you will see improvement. Why not send us a picture of your stomach now and after a month so we could follow your progress?

I think that the answer is in your question: you have to limit yourself stuffing with food and everything will be fine for your bikini holiday – your stomach will look flat and sexy.

Wish you all the best,

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