Pregnant and feel good

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by JM

Dear Rumi, I know you like success stories and I see you have a lot of them. I wouldn’t be writing to you to say the same thing that others said except that I see that not a lot of expecting mothers have written to you…

I have been using your exercises for about 3 weeks and can’t believe how good I feel. I am a fairly active Mama of two little children and had been walking before someone highly recommended these workouts to me.

I like them because they are gentle and I can do most of them even at 4 1/2 months pregnant! I do have to skip some of them and would like to be able to put something in their place eventually (not just stand still or sit and wait until that particular movement is over) but I have not been doing them long enough to decide what would be the best exercise to replace each one.

I know that you advised not to do the if pregnant… and maybe that is true for some people but I am healthy and I feel that abdominal exercises are actually very important for a pregnant mama.

I do have to skip one of the abdominal exercises because it is not suitable for me at this stage in my pregnancy ~ (Since I have only been doing these for 3 weeks and my body is not used to it I might pull something or hurt something… as you might know, when you are pregnant your ligaments get looser)

Anyway, I have found that I can go up stairs without breathlessness and can walk twice as far without feeling fatigued. I am more awake and able to get much more done… I think I feel better right now than I did last year when I was not pregnant!

Thank you.

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