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Pregnancy workout video with Kathy Smith. She is a real woman, not celebrity with artificial life. She was pregnant and she really knows how to stay fit. Kathy Smith is sexy and very helping. Even this video is recorded before 25 years it is still worthy.

Read what say women who practice this pregnancy workout video.

Woman from Bolingbrook, Illinois

I found Kathy Smith’s Pregnancy Workout to be excellent–well worth the money. I usually stay away from home videos because the instructors are too perky, but I do not find this to be the case with Kathy Smith at all. In fact, she’s very reassuring. The choreography is not hard to follow at all, and the moves, while not being too challenging, definitely give you a workout.

What I found to be especially nice is the way the video is broken down. There is a 7 minute warm up, 3 stages of aerobics, which enable you to take a drink and catch your breath, and a moderate amt of leg work, arm work, and abdominals. I do find that I skip over the relaxation part. Kathy Smith also gives you moderations to moves, in case some are too challenging.

This video is so enjoyable that my 2 year old, 4 year old, and 6 year old can, and want to, exercise with me. I find this video very motivating and I look forward to doing it every morning when I wake up. I have never felt so good about my pregnant body before. In my opinion, this video is a MUST! …..

This video is the best childbirth preparation you can do! As an avid workout enthusiast, I wanted a video that I could safely do as my doctor advised no more jumping or step workouts after my 3rd month of pregnancy.

The Kathy Smith Pregnancy workout video has a low impact aerobic segment followed by a superior toning section; a postnatal mini-workout with exercises for after your baby arrives is also included. As my husband says, giving birth is a major physical event that you must train for! After doing this video religiously 3-4 times a week for the last 6 months of my pregnancy, I had a textbook labor and a wonderful delivery.

I even escaped the dreaded low back pain and swollen ankles which I attribute to staying physically active with this video. I was able to utilize a lot of the moves (squats, etc.) during labor and delivered a healthy son without drugs of any kind! Because I recovered from the birth quickly, I was better able to cope with those exhausting first few weeks home with my new son. I highly recommend this video to all my pregnant friends!

Michal Ofek, Tel-Aviv, Israel


I am now in the 7th month of my first pregnancy, and I’ve been doing Kathy Smith’s pregnancy workout about 2 times a week for 2 months now.

I highly recommend it – though as other’s have said here, it is a bit stuck in the 80’s in terms of the music, the silly pastel-colored leotards and some of the cheesy text that comes out of Kathy’s mouth as she pushes you forward, BUT – I think it’s pretty easy to look beyond the 80’s remnants and enjoy this DVD for what it is – a really great work out.

The warm-up is excellent, then the 3 aerobic segments are easy-to-follow yet keep your interest in a way that makes the time fly by. After the aerobics segments are about 20 minutes of leg, arm and abdominal toning and stretching, which I find to be great.

Kathy explains everything as she does it – also giving variations on most exercises for beginners and advanced, so everything is easy to understand, and something for everyone, no matter what your level of fitness is.

In any case, I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Woman from IL

Now first let me explain something. I am not pregnant and I have never been pregnant. I bought this video because I wanted to see what a pregnancy video looked like and that I knew it was going to be gentle, but yet a good workout.

This video was very good. Kathy Smith is very good in explaining the routines and modifications for the routines. She has a calming attitude and is very reassuring. You don’t feel threatened by her.

I am overweight and have bad knees so I am using this video to help me to lose my weight in a gentle way without putting a lot of stress on my joints. It is a good aerobic workout for beginners. It has three separate aerobic dance routines to it with a warm up in the beginning and then toning exercises followed by relaxation exercises.

One thing I loved about this video was that it was doing the routines to ’80s music. Well I grew up in the 80’s era, so it was like a trip down memory lane for me. I really enjoyed it very much.

I have read other reviewers saying that they hated it because of the music or because she went into detail about taking deep “cleansing” breaths.

I loved the music and the routines were fun and easy to catch on too. I felt extremely well after my workout and I would continue to use it daily. I loved it. And another thing was, all the ladies in the class looked like they were really enjoying it themselves. One of the ladies cracked me up with how she was really getting into the routines swinging her hips about and everything.

That was very encouraging to know that the participants were having fun in the class, as well as how it made me feel watching them having the fun. Exercise should be fun and not feeling like you’re going to drop over dead exhausted.

What I say to those who commented on negative things, well first off Kathy was only explaining that we all need to “breathe” properly using deep cleansing breathing as what is taught to you in Yoga class.

Deep “cleansing” breaths are vital to our everyday living along with good posture. Proper breathing is our most valuable thing we can do to our bodies. It helps to heal our bodies of infection, pain, or whatnot. I, personally, find it to be extremely healthy now that I know how to “breathe” properly.

I would recommend this workout to anyone pregnant or non-pregnant who would want gentle exercises to do to help them lose weight or just feel good about themselves.

Great job Kathy and all the pictures of the pregnant ladies that were in the video at the end after they had their children were beautiful. Kathy and your little girl, at that time, were so adorable. Great video. I love it dearly.

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