Penne with Cheese, Eggs and Rocket Salad

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by Rumi · 8 comments

in Healthy recipes

This penne recipe is very healthy and doesn’t taste as a diet recipe because it is so delicious and it takes couple of minutes to prepare plus time to boil penne.

I ate this after my workout, it is perfect meal to reload your muscles with the right nutrients.

Ingredients for 1 person
50 gr (2 oz) whole grain penne (or spaghetti)
2 eggs
50 gr (2 oz) cow Greek cheese (it has less fat than other type of cheese)
Rocket salad
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Full Body Workout on Heat

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by Rumi · 74 comments

in Workout Videos

This is one of my older full body workouts. It is great workout and you will feel it everywhere. The funny thing is that my cat was on heat and is starring in the whole video with specific for cat on heat movements, like low body and high bun lol

You need a chair and 2 dumbbells for this full body workout. If you don’t have dumbbells you can use water bottles or a bag with books.

Warm up before this workout with any of my warm up videos, because I don’t include it here.

I see in the comments that you plan to workout but planning is different than acting. Don’t procrastinate, just try this workout and see how you feel. In the past I stopped working out for several times and the start over is the most difficult thing, but once you start you get addicted to the feeling after the workout.

If you want toned body you need to gain it via hard work, but the good news is: you don’t need to workout long, 20 minutes per day is enough to tone. And if you want to lose weight than you have to combine full body workouts with a diet plan (I mean to eat, not to starve yourself), here are my weekly diet plans.

I love to read your comments how you feel this workout, so don’t forget to drop me a line :)

If you want to buy this and many other exercise videos (full version 15-45 minutes) you can do it here. You also get 4 week detailed diet plan (lots of food in it, no starving).

On heat ;)


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Christina Lost 43 Lbs

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by Rumi · 14 comments

in Q&A

Look at pictures of Christina, she made amazing transformation !!! Christina you are inspiration for all of us, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!

Hi Rumi,

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to read this email because I’m sure you’ve got a pretty busy schedule. :)

But I just wanted to let you know that it’s been almost a year since I’ve been doing your workouts almost every night and I wanted to show you the results. So here are 2 pictures attached to this email, if you have the time to look at them.

I also really wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful website with so much great advice and intense workout videos. It really helped me a lot, physically and mentally.

Thank you so much,


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Tummy Flattening Exercises at Home

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by Rumi · 47 comments

in Ab exercises, Workout Videos

Today I have for you workout with 7 tummy flattening exercises that boost your metabolism not only during the workout but after it too.

Before reading below, please promise to your self to press the play button below and do this video no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. Time, place, motivation, busy – these are all excuses and procrastination.

Look inside you and find strength to do just 5 minutes of exercise, it is just 5minutes of your new life to better you. And leave me comment how you feel your tummy after the workout :-)

You can download the above video and 20 more exercise videos if you become a member of “Wake up Lean”, this is my private exercise program, check the list of videos you get and pics of people who already lost weight.

If you want flat tummy, you need to do exercises for buttocks, thighs, chest and back muscles – exercises for major muscles are tummy flattening exercises. It may sound strange, but the truth is that you need exercises that spend lot energy while doing them and these are exercises for major muscles.

Using major muscles boost your metabolism for a long period after the workout, but it must be intense workout, you must push yourself to the maximum (as the exercise is the last thing you do in your life), give everything in the workout, don’t save energy and strength, throw them all in your workout and you will start to see progress sooner.

The other thing about flat tummy is food. Exercises alone will not bring flat stomach. I mean that you will not experience as fast results as you want just exercising. Exercises change your body inside and outside but it is a long run, and it needs devotion.

Food is difficult topic (for me it is not, but I see your frustration). How and what you eat has direct relation to your tummy. If you eat real, fresh food this is good for your stomach and health. Real food is food that you can eat fresh or you need only to bake it or boil it.

The list is very simple but with lot of variations within the bullets:
/if you can buy organic/

Meat, fish
Milk, yogurt
Nuts and seeds

And you can eat all variations in above bullets, there are enormous choices. Try in every your meal to include one of the above foods.

Okay, tell me if you want to discuss in details how to eat to have flat tummy and sexy body :-)



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Legs and Core Full Body Workout Video

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by Rumi · 29 comments

in Workout Videos

This is very nice workout for legs (thighs) and core (belly, stomach) although as usual I do full body exercises in order to push my body to burn fat. If you want to have flat stomach than you need to do exercises for legs and buttocks too, that’s why this is legs and core workout.

I love “Bear Walk and Jump” exercise, this is new for me (I like to “create” exercises, aka combining exercises in a new way so my body gets constant challenge).

Do the video below and let me know in the comments how you feel your legs and core after that ;)

To download full 40 minute version of the video, you need to be member of ““Wake up Lean”” exercise program and you can lose up to 20 lbs in next 30 days.

I had a question from one of my paid clients of ““Wake up Lean”” exercise program: is it ok to do only 1 of workout videos (for saddlebags) and do it all the time. It is ok to do 1 of my videos, because they are full body workouts, but what is the point to do 1 video, when you have more than 25!?

It is better to do different exercises every day, so you constantly challenge your body and when you do unknown exercises it is much difficult which is good for burning fat. Also doing different exercises every day is more fun than doing the same thing every day.

One more thing: it must be difficult, if exercises are easy, than you do nothing! You need to push to your limits to have progress. But it is just for 20 minutes, you can push hard for 20 minutes, right?


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Full Body Isometric Exercises: Static Strength Workout

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by Rumi · 16 comments

in Workout Videos

This is full body isometric workout with bodyweight exercises. It has 15 exercises, active interval is 30 seconds. For 30 seconds tighten the whole body and especially the targeted areas.

Isometric exercises are good if you have joint issues and I find them helpful to strengthen my back which hurts from using the mouse always with the right hand. In spite of I am active every day (I do short 20-30 mins workout), doing same movements with my right hand/arm can kill the benefit and I found that isometric training helps me a lot, I haven’t felt (right) back pain long ago :) (since I do isometric exercises)

There is 1 exercise in this workout that I don’t recommend to do if you have lower back pain (waist pain), it is a good exercise to strengthen these muscles but not good to start if you already have waist pain. I mention this during the workout and you know if you need to skip it. But if you don’t have waist pain, than do this exercise, it is a good isometric exercise for lower back.

Here is full body isometric workout, warm up is in a separate video, because Youtube doesn’t allow me to upload long videos, so do first warm up and than the workout.

If you want more than 20 full length videos, Rumi as personal trainer and losing fat every day, than become a member of Rumi’s premium ““Wake up Lean”” exercise program.

I will be glad to read your comments how you found this type of static training, don’t be foolish it is easy, I sweat heavy at the end.


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Brutal Total Body Workout

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by Rumi · 22 comments

in Workout Videos

This total body workout is brutal, it made me breathe so intense and I felt it everywhere. It can be done from beginners too with exercise modifications. Every workout can be done from people with different fitness levels, just adjust movements and intensity to your preferences.

In all my workouts my goal is to push as hard as I can and you should to the same. Don’t compete with anybody, but just with you, push hard and to the maximum and this is enough. It is not important if you can do 5 or 10 reps, but to do maximum reps while pushing to the maximum.

Always warm up before workout, I have warm up in this video, but not always include in the video, cause youtube has limitation to the length of the video and I need to choose what to have in it, so usually I don’t include my warm up, but because you want me to show you warm up, here it is :-)

Members of Wake up Lean exercise program can download the full length of this video (28 minutes, including warm up at the beginning). Members get all my videos (currently 25 full length workouts), also they get for free all my up coming videos, this is my way to say “thank you” for supporting my work and giving me chance to research and study about the best of exercises and healthy eating.

It is not a secret that I also earn money with this site, but my motivation is not money, it is to help as many people to be healthy and achieve their fitness goals. There is lot of free info and videos on this site and I try to satisfy both (free and paid) worlds :-)

If you have a passion about any topic, you can earn money from it like me. Here is the company Sitesell that thought me how to earn money while doing what I love, I am passionate and helping people.

7 exercises in this total body workout:

Burpees+Rows – 5 reps, beginners do push up from knees and don’t hold dumbbells

Jumping lunges – 10 reps, beginners do just lunges

Lifted (on a chair) hip thrusts – 10-20 reps depending on fitness level, beginners do this exercise from the ground (don’t lift legs)

Dumbbell rows – 15 reps

Side plank – 5 reps per arm, beginners do this from elbow, advanced from hand.

Jumping mountain climbers – 20 reps, beginners don’t jump, just alternate legs.

Note: all my workout videos are total body workouts, although I like to stress on some body parts like – belly, ot buttocks, or thighs. So you can do 1 or all of my videos daily, because they are balanced total body workouts and you don’t skip any muscle.


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Why Warm Up is Important Before Exercise

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by Rumi · 0 comments

in Workout Videos

When you do any job with your body it takes time wake up the nervous system, which is the communication system between all your body systems.

The role of warm up before exercise is to wake up nervous system which tells to the brain that attention to muscles is needed. When you start to move you oxygen need increases and that’s why your pulse and breathing speed up.

You start to breathe more oxygen and trough the blood it comes to muscles and all cells involved in exercises.

If you don’t warm up before exercises than your body is cold and not prepared for exercise and could happen following:

– You suddenly jump, squat etc., there is more need for oxygen by muscles and your brain don’t get enough oxygen (for short time, because brain is always major importance) and that’s why you feel dizzy. This situation quickly disappears because following happens:

– Brain send command “Breathe, I need more oxygen”. And you start breathe faster, your pulse goes up cause more heart beats, more oxygen and suddenly you feel yourself breathless and with tachycardia.

– Injury is another bad possibility.

If you skip warm up before workout, all above happens but our bodies are strong and quickly adapts. But sometimes bad consequences can happen.

Now watch warm up and download links are under the video.

Windows users click here to download warm up video

Mac users click here to download warm up video

My advice is always warm up, even short warm up – 2-3 minutes is better than 0 warm up :-)

Warm uped,


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Organic Hemp Protein Powder Review

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by Rumi · 1 comment

in Healthy eating

I am vegetarian (eat diary and fish, don’t eat meat only) and from time to time I like to practice vegan and for such periods I need purely vegan protein and I chose Nutiva hemp protein powder.

I wanted protein from plant and organic. I am satisfied with my choice, because it gives me plant protein and because of the fiber in it I don’t look after my constipation problem. After drinking this hemp protein I have regular bowel movements (no discomfort, just normal going to the toilet)

Read below pros and cons and decide if this hemp protein is for you.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein

Pros about Nutiva organic hemp protein powder
– It is organic

– Purely vegan

– Contains 11 grams of protein per serving

– Contains 18 amino acids, 8 of them essential amino acids

– Contains 14 grams of fiber, 1 gr. soluble and 13 gr. insoluble. If you have high bad cholesterol, than this hemp protein powder is perfect for you, because insoluble fiber helps to lower cholesterol.

– Contains omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, which are good for heart health, depressions and overall health.

– Regulates bowel movements. I highly recommend Nutiva hemp protein powder to people who have irregular bowel movements or even constipation. I don’t think that people who have regular bowel movements will experience often and stronger bowel movements, but will appreciate if somebody share personal experience wit this, please comment below. There are 2 types of Nutiva Hemp protein

Nutiva Organic hemp protein, 11 grams protein, 13 grams fiber – I recommend this to people with constipation.

Nutiva Organic hemp protein, 15 grams protein, 5 grams fiber – I recommend this for people with no constipation

– Contains no hexane, gluten, dairy, lactose or sweeteners

Cons about Nutiva organic hemp protein powder
– I want to have a little bit more protein in a serving. In the past I drunk whey protein with 25 grams of protein per serving, which I also love it, but it is not for veagns.

– The taste is not good, although I drink it for 15 seconds and this is not big issue, but if you want to drink it like protein shake and enjoy the taste, this is not such protein powder. In my opinion drink it as quickly as possible is best.

I drink Nutiva organic hemp protein once per day:

– Instead of morning breakfast (2 hours before workout) and then I don’t eat before workout.

– Or after workout and then eat after at least an hour.

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Belly Fat Burning Exercises

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by Rumi · 44 comments

in Ab exercises, Workout Videos

This is 30 minute full body workout with stress on belly fat burning exercises. My method is to do strength exercises for major muscles in the body, which burn more calories, and cardio in between.

Following belly fat burning workout don’t have traditional abdominal exercises, because traditional ab exercises build your belly muscles but don’t burn fat.

Members of “Wake up Lean” exercise program can download the full version (30 min long) of the video, it is already uploaded to members section.

You need calories deficit to burn fat and you can create calorie deficit doing 2 things:

1. Start eating 300 calories per day less. For example if you need 1800 calories to sustain life than cut 300 and eat 1500 calories per day.

2. Do exercises for muscles that need more energy – buttocks, thighs, back and chest. You need to workout these 4 groups of muscles to lose stomach fat. I know it sounds strange but you don’t burn fat from spots you do exercises for.

There is a single source of energy for your total body; this means that when you do arm exercises you draw energy from this source; when you do belly exercises you draw energy from the same energy source; when you do thigh exercises you draw energy from the same source.

Now you understand that the energy source is one and it is better to draw more energy (fat) than less. Here comes my method to do exercises for big energy spenders – buttocks, thighs, chest and back.

So no matter where on your body you have fat it is the same mechanism to burn fat. Think about your body fat like a whole, not like spots. Now start to do the best for the whole, not for the spots.

In order to maximize burning fat I add cardio in between strength exercises, so it becomes interval training – short intervals of strength exercises and short intervals of cardio – this is the best way to put obstacles on body adaption. When you do long cardio, body starts to adapt and it burns less energy at the end of 30 minutes treadmill session compared to the beginning of treadmill session.

Belly fatless ;)


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