Exercises to Eliminate Cellulite

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by Rumi · 15 comments

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This is was one of my hardest workouts and it contains the best exercises to eliminate cellulite. To treat cellulite you need intense thigh exercises, interval cardio and healthy diet plan.

Click here If you need to get rid of cellulite and belly fat, this is my home workout program fro women from all fitness levels.

List of exercises is below the video
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Flat Stomach Workout for Women

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by Rumi · 41 comments

in Ab exercises, Workout Videos

exercise from flat stomach workout

Are you ashamed of your bulging belly? Do you wonder how to have flat stomach? No matter how long and intense you exercise there will be no result if you don’t follow tested and proved diet plan and a workout schedule that actually work.

Most people think they can burn eaten food with exercise. WRONG! There are workouts that are more effective than others (TRUE) but to burn extra 1000 calories you need to workout 2-3 hours!!! It is much easier to not eat 1000 calories than to burn it via workout.

Following is extremely effective flat stomach workout that contains bodyweight and dumbbells exercises mixed with short aerobics intervals.

Warm up: 8 minutes
Exercises: 35 minutes
Cool down: 6 minutes

How to Get Flat Stomach Workout

1. Sumo squat + jump + side leg raises: this is 1 rep – 10 reps
This exercise targets stomach, thighs, butt and it boosts burning fat because you jump and increase your oxygen intake and to burn fat you need a lot ohygen.


2. Rope jump – 100 reps
You can do this light (lift just heels, toes almost stay on the floor) or intense (high jumps). Don’t forget to tighten arms and pretend you hold a rope. The most effective stomach exercise is jump, because the role of stomach muscles is to stabilize the body and when you jump you challenge your balance and stomach muscles tighten to hold the body upright. And your breathing rate will go up and more oxygen will go into your body which means more fat will be burned.

3. Hand walk 4 forward+4 backward: this is 1 rep: 10 reps
Targets belly, chest, arms and back – this is total body exercise and very hard.

4. Alternate high knees jumps – 100 reps

5. Slide feet to hands – 10 reps
One of my favorite belly exercises.

6. Scissor jumps – 100 reps

7. Prison squat (with dumbbells) and knee raise – 10 reps

8. Rope jump – 100 reps

9. Dumbbell rows – 10 reps
This is exercise for back muscles and very important to not have back pain.

10. Alternate high knees jumps – 100 reps

Tell me in the comment you like this stomach workout?


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Home Workout to Lose Weight Fast and Easy

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by Rumi · 18 comments

in Workout Videos

Losing weight doesn’t happen over night, it requires determination, reliable diet plan and workouts. The most frequent question I get is “how many calories burn your workout videos?”

Actually it is not important how many calories you burn but how many calories you EAT. On average 1 hour of exercise burns between 300 and 600 calories. One piece of cake is app. 300-400 calories and if you add a shake (another 300 calories) you eat more calories then you spend working out.

Bellow is workout to lose weight, it is very effective, but remember that you must follow reliable diet plan and workout 5 times per week.

Exercises in Workout to Lose Weight

1. Dumbbell squat + bicep curl – 10 reps.
Open legs shoulder width, squat and push hips backwards, keep knees behind toes. While squatting, curl dumbbells up. This exercise targets buttocks, thighs, abs and arms.



2. Rope jump (without rope) – 100 reps
Beginners stay low and don’t jump high, just slightly lift from ground. The important point in this exercise is to tighten arms and move them while jumping. This is total body exercise that increases your breathing and you need lot oxygen to burn fat. In order to use fat as energy your body needs oxygen that’s why there is popular concept that aerobics helps to lose weight. This is true but surveys proved that high intensity interval cardio is more effective than long lasting moderate cardio. Rope jump is good for abs, arms and losing weight.

3. Leg raises – 10 reps
Lie on the ground. Secure your waist on the floor – this can be done in two ways. First is to lift head off floor and put hands behind your neck but don’t push your neck. The second way is to put hands under buttocks (like I do in the videos) this is the easiest way, but the first way is better once you are becoming intermediate in exercising. Keep legs straight. This is one of the best abdominal exercises, it is very hard, beginners can slightly bend knees (becomes easier).



4. Rope jump – 100 reps

5. Lunge back + Leg forward + Leg side + Knee twist-this is 1 rep: 10 reps each leg
This is hard exercises and targets mainly thighs, buttocks and because balance is involved it is challenge for stomach muscles. Lunge back, keeping knee of front leg behind toes, then stand up and raise leg forward, then raise leg side and bring knee in front of the belly.





6. Rope jump – 100 reps

7. Hand walks 4 forward+4 backwards – this is 1 rep: 10 reps
Take push up position. Put your feet over a towel or if you have carpet over CD/DVD cases. Walk with hands, feet stay neutral, pull the whole body with hands. 4 steps forward and then 4 steps backwards – this is 1 rep. This is excellent exercise for abs, very challenging and beginners can do only couple of reps. This is good also for chest, arms and back muscles.


8. Rope jump – 100 reps

9. Dumbbell rows – 10 reps
If you don’t have dumbbells take bottles or bag full of books. Keep dumbbells close to knees (otherwise you can hurt your lower back). Back is straight, don’t curve it. Pull dumbbells up with your back muscles.


10. Rope jump – 100 reps


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Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

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by Rumi · 53 comments

in Workout Videos

This is full body workout for fast weight loss results. The only equipment you need is 2 dumbbells (you can use water bottles) and a chair.

If you are a beginner take light weight for the first exercise but if you have at least 2 months workout experience I recommend using dumbbells that challenges you. The bigger weight you use, the more energy you spend and bigger weight loss results.

I like to workout in the morning on empty stomach to deplete body energy sources and speed up metabolism for the rest of the day. After the workout I have my breakfast and this is the perfect time to eat good carbs like oats, fruit, lentils, beans, whole grains, bulgur etc.

If your purpose is weight loss you need to watch what you eat because you can’t burn calories you eat trough workout. Full body workouts are the best when goal is weight loss.

Exercise break down is under the video.

1. Dumbbell swing – 25 reps
Stay upright; slightly bend knees for better posture. Open legs wide, keep back straight, don’t curve it. Keep arms straight during the exercise. Slightly squat and lower arms until dumbbells reach between your legs, then go up and raise arms shoulder height. This is total body exercise that targets bun, thighs, back, shoulders and abs. I love it because with 1 exercise you tone full body.



2. Jump over + cross legs + bend and touch the floor – 20 reps
This exercise is more difficult if you really put something to jump over. This is strength and cardio exercise at the same time. While bending down to touch the floor keep back straight and push hips back and down (don’t push with knees forward). Always keep you knees to stay behind the toes. This is exercise for buns, thighs and belly.





3. Push up + knee to shoulder – 5 reps
Beginners can do this form knees. Keep body in line, don’t hang your bun low or push it up. This is exercise for chest, lower back, triceps and stomach.


4. Bulgarian split squat – 10 reps each leg.
This exercise challenges your stability and beginners can have support (grab something). Be careful to push down the back knee. Don’t push knee forward. This is exercise for thighs.

5. Single leg bridge on chair – 10 reps each leg
Beginners do this exercise with both legs on the chair and even easier variation is to put feet on the floor. Push your hips and bun up; you must feel the burn in your bun and thigh.


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Cardio Workout with Strength Exercises

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by Rumi · 28 comments

in Workout Videos

Cardio workout is important for burning fat.

You need oxygen to pull stored fat and transform it in energy. Long moderate cardio is good for heavy people which have many pounds to lose (more than 30 lbs). For a heavy person is hard to do interval cardio which is the best way to burn fat. So if you have to lose more then 30 pounds, do following cardio workout not pushing so hard.

Imagine if you need to do 40-60 minute aerobic workout, on treadmill, running or walking – it is soooo boring. But if you do short intense cardio and strength exercises in between, pushing to the maximum, you can do just 20 minutes of exercise and see big benefits, not only burning fat but also improving your health.

Exercises in this cardio workout

1. Alternating kick forward – 30 reps
Don’t crunch your back, tighten abs. This is exercise for thighs and stomach.


2. Single leg jump+kick back – 20 reps each leg
This is cardio exercises and at the same time you will feel it in calves, back of the thigh and buttocks.



3. Alternating lunge back+5 rope jumps – this is 1 rep – 20 reps.
Again strength exercise for thighs combined with jumps. It was hard to finish 20 reps, beginners do as many reps as you can, don’t get upset if you can’t finish 20 reps.



4. Push up+jump to left arm+jump back+jump to right arm+jump back: this is 1 rep – 5 reps
This is total body exercise (for chest, arms, stomach) and again more jumps to keep your heart rate up :)







5. Rope jumps – 200 reps.
This is purely aerobic exercise; your heart rate will go up. All kind of jumps are exercise for belly too. Remember to tighten arms for maximum benefit.

6. Alternating lunge forward+5 rope jumps – this is 1 rep – 20 reps


Try this aerobic workout with strength exercises and let me know in the comments how you feel it. I was sweating like crazy and the most challenging exercises were lunges, after 15 reps I felt like I can’t continue and I might sacrifice the form (which is not good), so watch your form. Good form is important to stay injury free and always try to keep it.


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Abs Workout: Advanced Ab Exercises No Crunches

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by Rumi · 14 comments

in Ab exercises, Workout Videos

Recently I couldn’t make my abs sore no matter what ab exercises I did. So I decided to found totally new ab exercises that crush my tummy and I feel sore next day. Following ab workout is brutal for abs and the next day I felt sore.

I do 6 bodyweight exercises in circuit training; it is short but very intense workout. Try it and let me know in the comments how you feel after. I was so full of energy and at the same time tired and glad I found 2 totally new exercises that tighten core.

Click here if you want to download 30 full length workout videos. Members of Wake Up Lean Exercise program get also 28 days diet plan.

6 exercises in abs workout

1. Rope jumps – 100 reps.
Jumps are a must when you want flat stomach. They give you cardio and at the same time your body stabilizes all the time you jump and you naturally tighten abs. In order to make it harder, tighten arms and pretend you hold a rope, this makes rope jumps harder and you have exercise also for arms/


2. Hand walk forward-backward – 10 reps
This is a new exercise for me and it killed me, I hardly did 10 reps. Stay in push up position, keep buttocks up (don’t go low), tighten core, do 4 hand steps forward, then 4 hand steps backward – this is 1 rep. You need to put a towel under your feet in order to slide them. If you have carpet, use CD/DVD cases under feet, they slide nicely on carpet.



3. Legs raises+push legs up and backward – 10 reps.
I remember before 15 years I hardly did 1 rep of leg raises and now I can’t feel it as hard at all. That’s why I added extra challenge and when legs are in upper position I push buttocks up and backward (like reverse crunch) and I try to hold for a while in the upper point. This really squeezes my abs, try it and let me know. It may need some practice to push legs in right direction in order to feel this exercise in abs.




4. Slide feet towards hands – 10 reps.
This is the second new exercise in this abs workout. You need a towel (CD cases). From push up position slide feet towards hand, keep buttocks up, don’t allow buttocks to fall (this can hurt your lower back, so keep buttocks up, but not too high).



5. Jump tucks – 10 reps.
Another jump exercise that combines aerobics, strength and stability. Jump and raise both knees up and slap knees with hands. Jump as high as possible.



6. Lunge forward and raise leg, lunge backward and raise leg – 10 reps. each leg
This is exercise mainly for thighs but you need to keep stability and this challenges abs and when you raise straight leg this is movement for lower abs. Lunge forward-backward is 1 rep.





Can I have flat abs only doing exercises?

Maybe you can. But it will take long time and if you eat more than you spend, then you will never have flat stomach. The best way is to create calorie deficit trough regular workout and smart eating. If you don’t watch what you eat than you throw your hard work away.

Follow diet plan with meat, fish, eggs and veggies and eat fruits only right after a workout. This is the best and easiest way to pull the maximum form your abs workout. Don’t waste hard work with bad eating.


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Thigh Firming Exercises: The Last Hip Workout You Need

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by Rumi · 15 comments

in Workout Videos

Thigh workout with exercises to firm your hamstrings and hips. This is a home workout with bodyweight exercises you can do right now. The only equipment you need is a chair and a dumbbell (you can use a plastic bottle full of water).

Before doing this workout I felt like I don’t want to start right now and I wanted to procrastinate it, but I recognized this inner voice that makes things not happen and I quickly overcame it :-) I am happy I sorted it out.

In times you feel this inner voice that makes you procrastinate, find strength and do what you have to do. The feeling after accomplishing workout is so good, that’s why I like to workout in the morning, after that my whole day is filled with energy and I know I did something good.

Try my thigh workout and let me know in the comments below how it was :-) As always, this is total body workout, with emphases on thighs.

Click here if you want to download 30 full length workout videos. Members of Wake Up Lean Exercise program get also 28 days diet plan.

Thigh exercises in this workout

1. Dumbbells swings – 50 reps.
This is total body exercise and is more effective with heavy dumbbell. I used 4 kg (9 pounds dumbbell). Open legs shoulder width, bring dumbbell between your legs, straight arms, bent knees (push hips back), straight back (don’t arch it or crunch it). Swings is perfect exercise to tone total body and in times you want short and effective workout, do swings until failure, but use heavy enough dumbbell.



2. Push up + lift straight leg – 5 reps
Push up is also whole body exercise and to make it thigh exercise, after push up lift straight leg, you will feel hamstrings and bun burn a lot. This is also exercise for chest, back, arms.

push up-lift leg

push up-lift leg

push up-lift leg

3. Side jumping lunge – 20 reps
I love this exercise because it smashes thighs and bun and because you jump it targets also core. This is again exercise for many muscles and it increases your heart rate and make it cardio exercise. One exercise, so many benefits for the body! Here is important to push hips back and try to go as low as possible. Don’t push knees forward and it is safe for knees.




4. Rope Jump – 100 jumps
You don’t need a rope, but if you have use it. To make it total body exercise, tighten arms, feel them very strong, like a stone! Don’t forget to move arms while jumping, you will thank me after that, cause this is good workout for arms too.


5. Bulgarian split squat – 10 reps each leg
I love the name of this thigh exercise, cause it has “Bulgarian” in the name, and I am Bulgarian :-) but don’t know why they named this exercise like this. This is exercise mainly for Quadriceps femoris muscles (front thigh) but also for hamstrings (back of the thigh) too.



Important if you want to lose weight from thighs
Only exercises will not help you to lose weight from thighs, or at least it will take long time. If you eat more calories than you spend you will gain weight. You can gain weight even if you eat healthy. You need to watch your portions, there is no other way. If you don’t know what and how much to eat, check my diet plans, chose one (all are good and work) and follow it strictly.

Now go and try my thigh workout and leave me comment how you like it :-)

Fit thigh,


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Butt Firming Exercises

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by Rumi · 21 comments

in Workout Videos

I did workout only with butt exercises that tightens gluteus maximum muscles (your buttocks) and at the same time firm it and make it looks sexy and curvy (in a good way).

You know I like to do total body workouts and this butt workout is not exception – see bellow the video pictures and explanation of every exercise and you will see which muscles it targets (not only buttocks).

Because several people asked for an option to buy per video, not the whole package of 30 videos for $77, from today I activated this option, single video is $7 and you can download it immediately after payment for Windows and Mac users. Members of “wake up lean” training can download this video for free, because it is included in their membership.

Click here if you want to download 30 full length workout videos. Members of Wake Up Lean Exercise program get also 28 days diet plan.

Butt Firming Exercises

Total length: 37 minutes
Warm up: 7 minutes
Exercises: 25 minutes
Cool down: 5 minutes
Equipment: a mat
Price: $7
Formats: wmv (Windows);
mov (Mac)

Exercises in butt firming workout
1. Sumo squat + jump + leg lift – 10 reps
This exercises combines aerobics, thigh exercises, buttocks and targets also core because of jumps and abs stabilization function. This is tough exercise and 10 reps are enough, you will feel your breath and heart rate go up. I like it for first exercise in this butt workout because it activates total body and you are immediately prepared for next exercises.





2. 5 knee lifts + Pike push up – this is 1 rep and you need to do 6 reps, alternating knees
This is again total body exercise that targets – butt, chest, arms, core and back.



3. Sumo low knees – 10 reps
Wide open legs, half squat (push hips back), stay low and lift knees. This exercise involves thighs and buttocks.




4. Push foot to the ceiling – 10 reps per leg
Stay on knees and elbows, keep back isolated ad move leg from hip, don’t move waist. Do this exercise slowly and hold in upper position to make it harder. Don’t do it fast because it is less effective, control the whole movement and do it slowly. This is the only isolated butt exercise in this workout and its main purpose is to give you some rest and at the same time to continue torturing the butt :)


5. Single leg jump + kick back – 20 reps each leg
Stay on single leg (knee is slightly bent), jump and at the same time kick back with the other leg. This exercise is for thighs and calves to, also it has cardio part and of course buttocks will be tightened.



6. Single leg hip thrusts – 10 reps each leg.
Lie on your back, put the foot on knee of other leg, lift buttocks up and tighten all leg and butt muscles. It is very important to tighten muscles or you do nothing. Now lower buttocks and then bring it up.



7. Leg lifts – 10 reps each leg
Bend body and touch the ground slightly for support. Slowly lift leg, control the whole movement and hold the leg in upper position to make it harder. It is important to do this exercise slowly and have control of the movement.



How to firm the butt?
Eating is essential if you want to shape good looking body and bun. Watch your food, eat mainly veggies, meat, fish, diary, eggs, couple of fruits per day, handful of nuts – eat whole, natural food and if possible chose organic.

Exercises will change your body but it takes time, the fastest way to putt off weight is to watch what you eat. Firming butt doesn’t happen overnight. Form follows function. And to build function you need to exercise regularly to develop muscles which make buttocks look curvy and sexy.


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Cellulite and Belly Fat Workout

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by Rumi · 29 comments

in Cellulite, Workout Videos

This is workout for female fat zones – belly and thighs. Women draw cellulite on hips and belly fat – these are very stubborn fat zones and it is difficult to melt fat there.

This workout is tough for thighs and tummy and tightens muscles, makes these areas warmer which is important for starting fat burning process. If you touch you fattest zones you will see that they are cold. It is not by chance that fattest is coldest :)

The only way to spot burn fat (if this is possible) is to increase temperature in the cold and fat spots. This doesn’t mean to increase external temperature but to increase internal temperature. And doing exercises for certain muscles increases temperature there.

Increasing temperature or doing exercises for spots is not enough to start burn fat there but it is necessary circumstance. You need to consume less energy than you spend in order to burn fat and to push it in spots you want, you need to do exercises for these spots to make them warmer, increase blood circulation and cell nutrition.

I continue to support the idea that you need diet with calorie deficit and regular workout to lose weight but also I gave you some new light on spotting weight.

Did I lose you here lol hope you get my idea :)

Below is cellulite and belly fat workout, you can download it (full length workout in real time with me) if you are a member of “Wake up Lean” exercise program. Read in details what you get in my premium exercise program.

7 exercises in this cellulite and belly fat workout

1. Squat – Jump and Turn – Squat – 20 reps
This is excellent exercise for thighs, buttocks arms and belly. When you squat you engage muscles of the thighs and bun and because you bring arms forward you workout arms too. Jump is perfect for belly fat.
Hint: before every meal you can do 20 of these squat and jumps, the results will be that the food will go to support your muscles and will not stored as fat.

Squat – Jump and Turn – Squat

Squat – Jump and Turn – Squat

2. Jump over, step side and squat – 20 reps
You will feel this exercise with your bun and thighs and added jump over to push tummy.

3. Push up, left knee, right knee to shoulder – 10 reps
Push up is exercise mainly for chest and triceps muscles, but it also makes you tighten stomach and back. I include it in this workout in order to make it for total body. Always workout total body !!!! Even if you have stomach fat only – workout whole body!

Push up+knee to shoulder

Push up+knee to shoulder

Push up+knee to shoulder

4. Dumbbells rows – 10 reps.
This is exercise mainly for back muscles and its purpose is to complete full body workout and to give rest to thighs and stomach.

dumbbells rows

dumbbells rows

5. Jumping Lunges – 10 reps.
This is hard exercise but after some practice you will see very quick progress. It targets thighs and stomach. First time I did it I was unable to keep balance so be careful and do very small jump until you easily balance. Beginners can do just lunges, without jump.

jumping lunges

jumping lunges

6. Single leg jumping rope – 50 reps per leg.
All jumping exercises challenge your belly. You will feel it also in calves.

Single leg jumping rope

Single leg jumping rope

7. Push knee to opposite arm – 10 reps.
From push up position push knee to opposite arm, alternate knees, don’t let your bun fall down.

Knee to opposite arm

Knee to opposite arm


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Nettle and Bulgur Soup

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by Rumi · 1 comment

in Healthy eating

Today I have for you nettle soup with bulgur, eggs and yogurt. This soup is sooo delicious and healthy. It has perfect nutritional proportion for protein, carbs, fats and fiber.

We ate it with my mom and she likes to add hot pepper. I don’t put any seasonings because nettle has very strong taste and didn’t want to add more, but you can experiment with seasonings. Let me know in the comments nettle soup variations :)

Ingredients for 2-3 people
200 gr (7 oz) fresh nettle
50 gr (2 oz) bulgur
3 eggs
400 gr (1 pound) yogurt

Nettle Soup Ingredients

Nettle Soup Ingredients

Cut nettle and onion and put them to boil in water (1 liter), immediately add bulgur and leave if for 15-20 minutes on slow heat. When bulgur is ready add salt.

Nettle Soup All Mixed

Nettle Soup All Mixed

Thickening mixture preparation
Stir well eggs, than add yogurt and stir well again.

Stir eggs

Stir eggs

Add yogurt

Add yogurt

Stir eggs and yogurt

Stir eggs and yogurt

Mixing soup and thickening
When soup is ready and still on heat, take some hot amount of it and add it to eggs and yogurt mixture, stir and then add more from soup to eggs and yogurt. The idea is to gradually increase the temperature of eggs and yogurt and eggs don’t split (I mean that eggs become on pieces if you suddenly put them on heat, that’s why I add small portions gradually).

Add hot nettle to eggs and yogurt

Add hot nettle to eggs and yogurt

Repeat this until half of the soup is into egg and yogurt mixture. Than mix all in one soup, stir slowly and on low heat for a minute (don’t allow eggs to split).

Mix eggs to nettleMix eggs to nettle

Mix eggs to nettle

The soup is ready and it is very dense, I ate it as it is with no bread or anything else. All preparation takes less than 30 minutes.

Ready Nettle Soup

Ready Nettle Soup

Nutritional value of nettle soup
Protein: from egg whites and yogurt
Carbs: from bulgur
Fat: from egg yolks and yogurt
Fiber: from nettle

This is a perfect post workout meal or when you are trying to lose weight. Kids love this soup and you can puree it if you prefer puree soups.

Nettle health benefits

Helps with PMS and heavy menstrual flow in women

Reduce water retention and I love it for this :)

Detoxifies body from heavy metals

Help to lower symptoms of arthritis because of anti-inflammatory capacities. When I was a kid I spent whole summer in a village where my grandma and grandfather lived. They had organic garden where they grew all they eat. And we had walks in valleys and forest where we gather wild mushrooms, nettle, herbs, berries etc it was fab time, I grew mainly on organic food. The point is my grandma has hand arthritis and she holds nettle leaves in her hands, you know nettle sting skin, she told me this helps her.

Natural kidney and adrenal-gland tonic

Strong analgesic

Good for allergies and hay fiver because of containing natural antihistamines.

Great for bed-wetting issues and urinary issues.

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