Packed with cellulite all over my legs

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by Alexandra
(Princeton, NJ, USA)

Dear Rumi, thank you for your nice website, it is really helpful. If you see my picture, you would think I am your identical twin!! Here is my problem, I think it’s partly genetics, my mom has so much cellulitis on her legs, arms and stomach.

I am turning 40 in October, I have 4 children. I am 5″3 and weigh 189 pounds. I got my children one after the other, breastfed them all, and really lost myself in the process. I’ve been trying to lose weight. I lost so far about 17 pounds.

I’ve been exercising regularly since last November, did couple of 5Ks. I finished the SheRox Triathlon in Philadelphia just yesterday. I feel fit and great. Nevertheless, my overweight is a burden, I can’t manage to lose it, and my cellulite is all over.

It’s very frustrating. I understand what I need to eat, and how many times. My problem I get distracted from my structured routine and I can’t seem to follow my diet. What about the cellulite? Please advise. Thank you, thank you!


Answer from Rumi

Alexandra, you are real woman – you deal with 4 kids and participated in Triathlon, wow, that’s big!

I think that there is very easy solution for your problem because you do the half of the things you must do to lose weight. I assure you that cellulite and fat is the same thing, and cellulite is the word that people use when talk to female fat.

The only thing you need to do is to change your nutrition. Fat is related to what you eat and if you limit the foods that support fat creation you will be a winner.

The second thing about losing weight is exercising and being active, but you already did this regularly, so you are a half way to your goal.

I helped many people to lose weight with my diet plans, just read them all and chose which one you feel is for you. I can assure you that they all work and the difference is in the type of foods you eat. Even more you can alternate all my diet plans so you never get bored or lose motivation.

Wish you luck, and please report here your results or ask if you have more questions.

All the best,

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