Do You Know Overweight Kids?

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You can help overweight kids. Kids inherit their parents eating habits. If you are a parent of overweight child, first look at yourself.

What is your personal example – are you overweight too? You have to change eating habits in your family. Below are simple things you can do:

– Eat at home. Try to prepare food – this means to put on table as much as possible unprocessed food – fresh salads, backed meat (no fried), plain cheese, eggs, nuts and vegetable.

Avoid semi-processed food – for example meat that is almost prepared and you must only to fry it for couple of minutes – this is not good food.

– When you are out, don’t eat fast food, chocolates, and cookies; don’t drink beverages and shakes. If you are hungry and you are out – eat some nuts (plain and if possible fresh, not backed) or eat a box of yoghurt. Try to eat often but small portions.

– Organize activities for the whole family – you have to do some activities that involves walking or/and running. For example invite another family and play a game – soccer, badminton, basketball, any game with ball and running is good. Try to organize these activities as something fun – your children must not understand that this is organized to loose weight.

– Climb the nearest mountain or hill. Family picnic is always fun and you can invite some of your kids’ friends and schoolmates. Children like to be with other children. Make sure that you bring plenty of water and healthy food. If they complain and want hamburgers and sweeties, told them that this is a challenge picnic and they prepare their selves for difficulties in life. Children always want very quickly to become adults, and you can use this – give them examples with your behavior.

– If many of the kids you invite are overweight, may be they will become tired very soon. Be prepared for a game that give them opportunity to sit and to listen to something – you can tell them a story from your childhood. Alternate activities and rest – you don’t want to loose their motivation.

– Organize repairing and creative weekend. If you have space in your backyard build wooden house with your children. Be careful not to build something dangerous. You can invite a specialist in wooden houses for children. This person will show your children how to cut, how to use hammer, how to nail down and how to fit pieces together.

– Find some organize activity/sport for your kids – join the local basketball team or any sport.

The main point is to change your eating habits and to be involved in sport/game activities. Give your children your personal example. If you eat junk food they will do this too.

If you are overweight, your children will consider their overweight as inherited and will be unmotivated to start any weight loss program. And on the last place – don’t give them to understand that you make efforts to make them slimmer – make the process natural and long enough.

May be it will take half a year to see the first results; this is good term, because weight loss will be natural and not difficult.

Overweight kids often are shy and very sensitive, may be at the beginning they will refuse to take part in because they think they will fail. Be careful and try to pull their attention not to convince them.

Causes Of Childhood Obesity The main causes of childhood obesity are related to their parents. Children form their eating and activity habits under the guidance of their family.

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