New Year’s Resolution Lose Weight

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Use the strength of New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Say this three times:

“This year I am going to lose weight constantly!”

How to make true your New Year resolution?

1. You have to change the way you eat – you can’t lose weight if you eat all the junk food, you need to educate yourself gradually because the food is the main reason people can’t lose weight.

2. Realize that looking good is a lifestyle, not temporary action that you do from time to time. It will take some time to establish healthy eating habits. Again education about healthy eating is important.

3. Eat often like 5-6 times per day. Don’t wait for getting too hungry, eat every time you feel hunger, but follow a rule, never eat more than 400 calories per meal and no more of 1600 calories per day. I know that tracking calories is very difficult and most people don’t know how many calories contain for example a middle size potato. Use Nutritional ScaleNutritional Scale to check calories. There is a reference book, where you check the code of the food you want to measure, than put the food on the scale, enter the code and you have all the nutritional information for the food. Here is the pocket version of the scalepocket version of the scale. Try to have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and even light late snack before getting to bed (like 1-2 carrots, because late eating is not goof for losing weight).

4. Every day have 2 portions of fresh (not cooked) vegetables. Vegetables (except potatoes and rice) are the healthiest food because they contain vitamins, minerals and fibers – these 3 ingredients can’t make you gain weight, on the contrary they have only beneficial roles.

5. Limit the sweet food. Sweet means carbohydrates, and carbohydrates mean fat. Be aware that fruits also contain sugar and you should limit them a fruit per day, no more for the period you lose weight. BUT to escape cravings – if you desperately long for chocolate or for cookies, than have some, but don’t eat too much, just a chunk or two.

6. Start walking. I don’t mean to use walking for exercise substitute, nooo we will cover exercising below. Our days people don’t walk – they use cars, public transport, elevators etc. Avoid all them every day. Promise yourself to walk every day, if you go to the shop, don’t use the elevator if you have to climb a couple of floors only – this is free and healthy – use your legs.

7. Speed up your metabolism right away you go out of the bed – do 10 push ups, 10 squats and 10 crunches – this is less than a minute but is a powerful way to speed your metabolism.

8. Accept exercising in your lifestyle. There are 2 effective ways to exercise. First way is to workout 2-3 times per week for 70-90 minutes per workout. Second way is to workout 5-6 times per week for 30 minutes. Chose which one suit you best. The idea is to have at least 150 active minutes per week – the more the better. What I recommend for most effective weight loss workout is strength training combined with some cardio – if you do my exercise videos this principle is covered in them. Lately I tried Jillian Michael’s DVD and think it is good for losing weight.

Accept the fact that your New Year’s resolution to lose weight will not happen immediately and it can’t happen if you don’t change your eating lifestyle.

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