New Thigh workout!

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by Rumi · 5 comments

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by Heather

I love the new thigh workout! I was just thinking that I should exercise my thighs more, and viola a new workout appeared. Yay! I really like the timing on the thigh exercises because I can fully complete each movement. I sometimes find the cardio on the abs workout a little too quick for me.

It’s nearly impossible to hear you with the wind and the birds. But, at least I feel like I’m in different surroundings. The birds are very pleasant. And, I can understand everything from your hand movements.

I would love an exercise routine just to get rid of the pooch (the flab over the lower abdominals). A routine that includes a variety of easy to difficult lower abdominal and love handle exercises.

I love all the workouts! I live in Dublin in a very small apartment, so it’s great to be able to get a good workout without going out in the rain.


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