Need your help in toning up my body

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by Bhuvana Ashok

Dear Rumi, I am 23 and I am from India. I got married 3 months back and now I am living with my husband in the US. I am 5’4″ and I weigh 55kgs. I am a complete vegetarian and I drink a glass of milk without sugar for breakfast, eat a cup of rice and some vegetables (1 tbsp oil used for cooking) for lunch and for dinner I prepare some Indian food for which again I don’t use more than 1 tbsp oil.

I am sure that I am not eating food that contains more fat. I sometimes eat a chocolate or a cookie, but this too is not regular very rare. I sometime feel hungry one or two hrs after my lunch and I eat a carrot or drink a lot of water. I seem to have more fat on my stomach and my chest.

I very badly want to have a flat stomach and 2 inches to be reduced on my chest. I read from your webpage that working out only on one part of the body is not good. I can spend 60 mins on my exercises everyday.

Can you please tell me an exercise routine of yours that I can practice everyday and makes me to achieve what I want. I have downloaded abs cardio workout, arm workout, back muscles workout, cardio legs and workout for butt and hips (or) can I do only jogging (standing in a place) for 60 mins. Is that helpful?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Answer from Rumi

Hi, from what you shared I see that the problem is in your nutrition. Usually complete vegetarians consume more carbohydrates (carbs), because they don’t eat meat, which is mainly protein.

I have created vegetarian diet, low in bad carbs, high in proteins and it contains some good carbs and good fats. Check vegetarian diet plan you should see results after the first week but I recommend doing this vegetarian diet 2-3 weeks, than rest for 2 weeks and than again do the same diet for 2-3 weeks.

Now about exercises – yes, exercises tone the body but they will not make you lose weight. The role of exercises is to “tell” the body to burn fat and not to burn muscles. So once you lose weight you will look tightened and not like a jelly.

Try to workout 5 times per week for 40-60 minutes a day. For example do 2 of my videos plus 20 minutes jogging.

I am sure that combination of my vegetarian diet plan and my exercise videos will tone your body and you will lose inches.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

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