Need guidance for weight of dumbbells

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by Rumi · 1 comment

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by Ash

Hi Rumi
I love your website, and I really appreciate you for your friendly attitude and pleasant personality. I’m 25 years old and 115 pounds, till last year I was only 110 pounds, I have been working out continuously from last 2 years now…

I got married last year, and I guess got a bit complacent and I’m not quite concerned about these extra 5 pounds, but I’m more concerned about my back fat, or you can say my Muffin top… and over all I have gained 1-2 inches everywhere in my body… I check what I eat, and I’m very particular about it… so basically just want to lose a few inches everywhere…

I have recently started doing your videos… and was thinking of buying dumbbells… i was wondering if you could suggest me according to my weight, the weight of dumbbells that would be good for me… Or I should just use some water bottles?

18 December 2007

Hi Ash,

First, excuse me for my late reply; I was very busy last couple of weeks.

Ash, from what I read you don’t have a real issue, you just need a little kick to lose these 5 pounds. I don’t think you are complacent; people sometimes need to relax and not to think for weight issues :-). Believe me, sometimes I gain a pound and two, but I know how to melt them immediately.

Your approach to add workout is very good, you don’t need a strict diet to lose 5 pounds. But I want to recommend slightly reducing the amount of food, because this will fasten the process of losing inches. This means to leave a quarter of every meal and not to eat it. But you can lose inches even without lowering your meals.

About the weight of dumbbells. I can’t say this, the only person who can evaluate the weight is you. Do following test.

Take 3 or 4 pounds of dumbbells. If this is the right weight for you will do 10-12 reps and you will feel fatigue and a little pain. If this weight of dumbbells is light – you must do more than 12 reps with an ease. If you can not do 10-12 reps this means the weight of dumbbells is too heavy for you.

Hint: take a rest between the tests, because after every test you become tired and the next test is not true.

Hope this helps :)

Please, keep us informed about your progress or give more details if you need further advice. Don’t forget to send us a picture of you and your hubby :-).

All the best,

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