My weight after being pregnant

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by Holly Marie Diamond
(Asheville , NC, US)

Holly Marie Diamond

Right now I am 160 pounds on the dot. Before I was pregnant I was about 142 pounds, my height is 5’3 and I am 19 years old and I am a female.

I want to lose all of what I gained and more, I want to not have to suck in my tummy I want it to already just be naturally shaped.

I have been trying to lose weight since before I got pregnant. During school I would take all of the PE classes and weight training, I would run everyday with my best friend on the track for about 20 minutes then we would do crunches and do a little bit of dumbbells for our arms, my body fat consists of the belly down, my legs are huge and my tummy is just flabby, now its harder to lose anything.

I have a lot of motivation in losing weight but it just doesn’t seem to pay off.. И’ve been trying since И was 16 years old.

During school and after school I always watched what I ate, I eat 3 exact meals everyday, with crackers, some fruit if I can get my hands on it, and I’m not going to lie I eat out a lot but I do try to stay on the healthy side of it, I guess you could say food is my weakness.

I got pregnant right after I graduated so I didn’t really get to start my summer workout, which consisted of walking around my neighborhood and exercising every morning and swimming, I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy so my initial weight was about 182 pounds give or take a pound.

I have never tried diet pills, but my husband bought me Хydroxycut and have no idea if its worth even trying.

I have struggled a long time to lose weight and I just want to feel good about my body I hate looking at it, И’m embarrassed of it, I even wear a girdle when I go out.

Holly Diamond

Answer from Rumi

Hi Holly, thank you for your story. May I suggest trying my post pregnancy diet it is balanced and healthy and many post pregnancy women lost their weight because of it.

From what I see from the picture you have stretch marks and you need to take care of them too. This is very stubborn issue and it is very difficult to diminish them.

The best treatment is with olive oil, you can use olive oil for cooking but the smell is not so good and if you can afford to buy cosmetics olive oil it is better. Here it is: Olivella All Natural Virgin Olive Oil Moisturizer From Italy (50ml) 1.69 Fluid Ounces

Please try my post pregnancy diet for a week together with my exercise videos and let me know how many pounds you lost.

All the best,

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