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by Cassandra

First I want to tell you that I am only 19 years old and my diet sucks. I do not like any vegetables what so ever and every now and then I can eat a banana or an apple other than that fruits and vegetables don’t exist to me. I do not like fish, and I mostly eat meat and potatoes. How do i make a healthy diet out of just meat and potatoes? I know you really can’t but what do I do?


Hi Cassandra,

Your diet is really a challenge for me lol. By the way meat and potatoes is not so bad diet ;-).

Here are some foods you can add to your diet:

  • eggs – scrambled without oil, or boiled
  • cheese
  • yoghurt
  • nuts
  • tomato salad
  • cucumber salad
  • sprouts from – soy, lentils
  • skimmed milk
  • oat meal
  • tofu

Example for a diet:

Breakfast – skimmed yoghurt

After breakfast – nuts

Lunch – meat and potatoes

After lunch – milk

Dinner – meat and tomato salad

Meat and potato diet is good with one disadvantage: you need variety of vitamins and other nutrition ingredients to sustain live. This doesn’t mean to eat food that you don’t like, any way I am sure that you could like vegetables if they are prepared on your taste.

For example try this oriental salad recipe. Cut on very small pieces tomato, cucumber, Greek cheese, add some garlic and olive oil, stir and leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes. Than eat this with whole grain bread and olive paste.

You didn’t mention your activity. Do you do exercises or other activity?

Try my exercise videos.

Please, comment my response and tell me if you like what I suggested to you.


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