Much older now and would like a flatter tummy

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by Pat
(Loganville GA)

I’m 48 yrs old 5’5″ & 132lbs. My measurements are 34D 29 37. This is the heaviest I have ever been. Most of my weight is in the middle. I woke up one day and there was this blob of fat with little love handles on the side to match. When I sit my tummy hangs over my pants.

I was 110lbs just 3 years ago and that was just 2 years after having a baby. I would ideally like to be between 115 & 120. I just began walking about a mile every other day & I do 60 sit-ups in between my walking days. Is it time for someone my age to look into a tummy tuck? I really want to lose at least 3 inches off my waist & 2 off my hips.

The women in my family have been known to look pregnant at my age & older & yet none of them do I ever recall exercising so is there any help for me? Am I just getting too old to keep it off or look slim & trim? I drink plenty of water; do not drink alcohol or smoke & no sugar in my 1 cup of decaf. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Pat, from your measures I see you are not fat, but I know what you mean. The fat starts to store after we pass 30 and things get worse if we don’t take immediate action.

In my opinion you don’t need drastic diet or very vigorous workout to flatten the tummy. What I suggest is to slightly change your nutrition for a month. There is only one rule, eat food only from the list below; there are no limits about the amount, but stick only to these foods:

  • Lean meat – grilled, baked or boiled
  • Fish – grilled or baked
  • Sea food
  • Raw vegetables – on salads for example
  • Diary products – milk up to 3% fat, cheese up to 25% fat, yogurt up to 3%, cottage cheese up to 5% fat
  • Eggs – up to 5 per week – boiled
  • Soya products up to 10% fat
  • Tofu, up to 10% fat

You can eat as much as you want from the above list in any combination you want, but stick to the list. First try it for a week and see how you will feel, than if you like the results do it for 2-3 more weeks.

At the same time you need some exercises to boost the nutrition. Sit ups are ok, but the only thing they do is to shape your abdominal muscles. Usually doing sit ups without diet plan leads to bigger tummy because you increase (a little bit) the abdominal muscles and if you don’t burn the fat over the tummy the overall result is big looking tummy.

So, you need to do sit ups but not only – you need to do exercises for the whole body. Do 2 of my videos every day along with the above diet plan. Here are my exercise videos – don’t do only the video for abs, do all of them, alternate them.

If you want quicker results, here is a page with all my diet plans, chose which one you like and follow it.

Please report your results using comments to my answer.

Wish you soon to have the flattest tummy :-)

All the best,

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