Menopause weight gain and bloating

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by Lori
(Inland Empire, Ca USA)

I’m 46 years old. I weigh 140 pounds but for several years now I’ve unsuccessfully tried to lose 5 to 10 lbs. Nine months ago I started going to the gym and as a part time job I clean homes, so I think I’m fairly active. But my body feels weak and is changing and I hate it.

It has been a year this month that I’ve been without a period and my blood tests revealed that I am in menopause.

Along with the menopause weight gain and the bloating and the stiffness, this past year was mentally challenging for me. I was living in a fog and felt like I was existing in life, but not participating.

I couldn’t remember anything and I didn’t want to be around anyone. I felt stupid all the time, but knew I wasn’t alone even though I felt alone. Six months ago, I decided to start taking a high complex B vitamin for energy.

And then I began taking an Omega 3 with CoQ-10 that I heard advertised on the radio. I noticed an immediate response to the B vitamin as I felt more alive, but it took probably 2 to 3 months before the brain fog lifted.

The Nurse practitioner at my OB- Dr.’s office notated this. I do believe that without these two vitamins for brain support, that my symptoms would still be here.

Though I still have memory issues, I don’t think it’s as bad and I am so thankful that the brain fog is gone. It was scary.

Though I belong to a gym, recent financial changes have made me decide to workout at home to save money. I do believe exercise is a fight with our own lazy bodies that is very important for the health of our very being. I don’t think any woman wants to be fat.

The one thing I really want to work on is the belly I seem to now have. I don’t like walking past a mirror anymore and I don’t like feeling so blah…

Feeling bloated all the time is very uncomfortable. I am trying to stay away from bread, but notice it doesn’t seem to matter whether it is healthy or not: I get bloated!

I started an HRT patch with progesterone since my libido is gone and I have vaginal dryness and had the hot flashes. So far all I’ve noticed is no more hot flashes. I’ve been on this for a little over a month. Like with my periods, I notice my breasts seem fuller sometimes and definitely more tender.

The nurse recommended one glass of red wine a night since the HRT causes blood to thicken. So I’ve begun this regime. I’ve cut out other alcohol.

What I want to know is how long will I feel this way. I am told they’ll keep me on the HRT for five years only. Will there be a point that I’ll feel normal again? I hate not having any libido, not feeling sexy, and OH I’ve become more annoyed with family than I’ve ever had.

My poor husband. I really have to bite my tongue, but sometimes I just have to let him know how I feel and it doesn’t always come out very loving. I read this is normal. :-( I feel like I hate everyone sometimes. I feel like I walk around with a scowl on my face. I hate this!!! I don’t want my heart to grow cold and I think it already has.

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