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by Rumi

Menopause Symptoms and Natural Menopause Treatment

Around the age of 40-45 many women start to experience menopause symptoms and it is quite normal they would like to have a list of these symptoms.

They would also like to know what are the reasons behind these symptoms and how they could improve their quality of life within the menopausal years. A lot of doctors suggest the hormonal replacement therapy as the way to solve the menopausal problems. But there are many women who would prefer natural menopause treatment.

Certainly there are cases where the hormonal therapy can be unnecessary or dangerous. In such a case it is much more appropriate to use herbs for menopause.

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Actually, the list of the signs of menopause, which could be related to this special period in the women’s life, is impressively long.

The reason is that there are three groups of symptoms: premenopausal (experienced before the real menopause), menopausal and perimenopausal (after the end of the menopause) symptoms.

Take in mind that each symptom, related with menopause, could be linked to other health problems as well: to mention only the hormonal misbalance at any age, bad nutrition habits, sleep insufficiency, sedentary lifestyle, abnormal alcohol consumption, household chemicals poisoning, exposure to environmental toxins, etc.

Stress, birth control pills and some therapies like the synthetic hormone replacement could lead to the same symptoms.

Among the most frequent observed menopause symptoms are the hot flashes, anxiety and depression, weight loss, hair growth on the face, dry and thin skin, lower sex drive, cystitis, vaginal dryness, false symptoms of hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, overreacting due to stress, water retention, etc. However, many other health related problems like painful muscles and joints, breast tenderness, allergies, chronic fatigue, craving carbohydrates or caffeine, dry hair, migraines, cold extremities, hypoglycaemia, lack of concentration and memory, and vaginal infections. You can find below a list of suggested changes you may do in your lifestyle, in order to reduce the unpleasant effects of the hormonal misbalance in your body.

Use natural menopause products with progesterone. You need to increase the levels of progesterone hormone. Progesterone deficiency is responsible for the weight gain, unexplainable fatigue, depression symptoms, mood swings, hair loss, memory related problems, loss of libido, etc. Apply low-dose progesterone cream on your neck, inner arms, breasts, and belly, two weeks before the menstruation.

Use natural supplements to increase the estrogen. Black Cohosh is a phytoestrogen that helps to manage plenty of menopause symptoms: heart palpitations, weight gain, night sweats, migraines, mood swings, and vaginal dryness. Different schemes for natural menopause treatment include products that are based on Black Cohosh. The effectiveness of these supplements is quite high, but it can be even better if you take the Black Cohosh remedies together with multivitamins for complete body support.

Use regularly vitamins, minerals and supplements. This is not the regular advertisement – your body needs vitamins and minerals of high potency. Together with different supplements you may overcome the menopausal discomfort to a great extend. Omega-3 fatty acid, for example, helps a lot in reducing the symptoms of menopause and depression. Herbal remedies for menopause together with complex vitamin formulas increase your energy, speed up the metabolism, strengthen your immune system, make your sleep better and deeper, as well as support your cardiovascular system.

Take care for your physical activity. This is among the best ways to solve the problems with menopause and anxiety. Exercise at least 3-4 days a week, but the target aim is to include the exercise in your daily routine. The physical activity increases the muscles mass and decreases the risk of developing of osteoporosis. It is a key factor in the prevention of different types of cancer and heart related problems. If you combine increased activity with proper diet and herbs for menopause related problems – the famous Black cohosh, for example – you will start losing weight, sleep better, increase your strength, improve your mood, protect your bones, and feel finally better and better. One very important benefit will be your improved sex life and positive outlook.

Reduce the stress. Try to organize your daily life so as to avoid as much as possible the stress, which stays in the background of the production of cortisol, adrenaline, and androgen. According to recent medical investigation the progesterone production, normally done by ovaries, is inhibited by cortisol. The consequences of progesterone deficiency are high blood pressure, diabetes, lack of minerals and vitamins in the body, weakness of the immune system. The final result is increase of the severity of the menopause symptoms.

Use natural cleaning products. Try to avoid traditional household chemicals, which are based on petroleum. They always contain toxins that could cause health problems. Researchers have found that the frequent exposure to such substances leads to disruption of the endocrine system and all glands that are responsible for the production of insulin, adrenalin, brain hormones and hormones of the reproductive system.

Watch your food intake. Menopause and weight gain go together, due to the hormonal misbalance. Due to low estrogen levels your body increases the production of fat cells, as they are the only source of natural estrogen during the menopause. The result is clear – extra pounds and extra inches on your waistline. This is the perfect moment to think about your diet. Abstain from all carbonated beverages to decrease the bone loss, as they contain phosphorus. Avoid carbohydrates and all foods with refined sugars or junk foods. Limit Transform your eating habits to involve proteins (fish and chicken meat), plenty of vegetables and fruits. Avoid alcohol and drink red wine only, if there is a special occasion. Drink plenty of water. Certainly, the water must be clean and pure, without any toxins, including chlorine, which have to be removed from cooking and drinking water.

Although the above-mentioned suggestions work effectively for many women, each individual is different. Therefore it could take some time to find the best working options for you. Remember that before starting any drug treatment you have to ask your doctor for alternatives, offered by natural menopause treatment schemes and products

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