Menopause is like new person living inside

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by Sharon Tarrant
(lawn, nfld, Canada)

No guys you are not mad, but it sure feels like it. There are days that I get up and wonder who that person in the mirror is lol. Between hot -flashes, up and down in the night time, mood swings, and the added weight just don’t know who this person living in my body is.

Have dieted ‘ walked given up about anything that has been deemed fattening ‘ and still the weight is there. Am at my wits end ‘ and my sex life is gone on an extended holiday, from which I think it’s never gonna return.

But hopefully I will find something which will give me back control of my life and my body. So if anyone out there has any suggestions as to anything I can do they would be very much appreciated.

Meanwhile I will go back to my search, for the old me, who is buried in under the extra 30 lbs I have and don’t want.

Thanks guys for listening, have a great day. Hang in there it has to end sometime.

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