Maximum Weight Loss in 3 Weeks for Future Bride

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by Alice

Hi Rumi,

Great page! I am trying to find the ideal mix of diet and exercise (I have three weeks before I participate in a wedding and upon trying on my dress tonight, I realized it is tight!).

The wedding is on the beach, no less. I would like to lose as much weight as possible in these three weeks, even though I realize it isn’t the healthiest thing on earth.

Any advice on the kind of exercises I should follow, frequency, meal planning, etc?

I work a full-time job and don’t have a whole lot of time to spend in the kitchen in the evenings.

Thank you!

Answer from Rumi

Hi Alice, congrats for your coming wedding, don’t worry we will shrink your body for these 3 weeks :-) and every body will admire how beautiful you are.

I made a bride diet which is an ultra quick fix for brides in urgency.

Combine the bride diet with my workout videos and the miracle will happen very fast.

Wish you happiness and don’t worry, you will be amazing!

All the best,

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