Maintaining weight after weight loss

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Hey, I have in many cases lost weight on a diet and exercise regime; however once that weight was lost I did not know how to maintain it and stay at my desired weight.

I was wondering what aspects of your exercise videos I should stick to and which to slow down on?

P.s – As said in nearly all messages , your website is very inspiring and useful! Thank you!

Answer from Rumi

Hi, congrats for your successful weight loss! Maintaining weight is easy, just do 2 things:

1. Do my exercise videos 4 times per week for 40 minutes. There is an example how to combine them at the page with videos.

2. Eat healthy. Skip sugar, fried and dough food (bread, cookies, crackers). Eat mainly meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes.

You see, maintaining weight after weight loss is simple :-)


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