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by Yvette

This is my belly

This is my belly

I had a baby 6 and half months ago and I still look about 5 mths pregnant. I recently bought some fat burners and started taking them 3 days ago.

I’ve also started doing exercises following a dvd. I’ve always had a flat stomach so I was wondering if you had any tips. Also how long does it take to achieve a flatter stomach?

Thank you so much


Hallo Yvette,

Congrats for your baby it is so nice to have new inspiration in your life :-)

About your abs. Honestly, you really look pregnant on that photo. Before going on with any recommendations I wan to ask you: Did you check with your doctor that everything is ok with your post pregnancy? If your doctor told you that you can workout and follow a diet, than consider my advices.

Flattening stomach can last some months, but you have to see improvement after 2-3 weeks.

The only way to flatten abs is by doing at the same time diet and exercises – there is no other way.

Why you need both?

Diet burns the fat that lies over your abs, so the result is that finally you can see your abs.

Exercises tighten/build your abs so you have what to see lol.

Recently I have made a diet for my girl friend who had a baby before 3 months. She loosed 4 killos (app. 2 pounds for a period of 2 weeks, she wanted a mild diet, that’s why her progress is not so quick). I can recommend almost the same diet for you.

The diet is very simple and I give you the rules:

1. Eat 4-5 times per day – breakfast, after breakfast, lunch, after lunch and dinner.

2. Never eat big amount of food, because your stomach will bloat.

3. Never eat after 6-7 pm (except if you breast feeding).

4. Avoid sweet and fried foods (here are included all desserts and fast food). These types of foods tend to be transformed as fat around abs, butt and legs.

5. Eat meat or fish 2 times per day, because these types of foods contain protein which you need to form muscles – abs, legs, butt, arms etc.

6. Drink lots of water, especially if you still breast feeding your baby.

Check my ebook about 3 powerful diets.

How to exercise

Continue doing the DVD you have. I’ll give you additional exercise options with my online videos. How to combine them?

Abs and Legs videos

Chest and Butt videos

Arm and Abs videos

Back and Whole body videos

Cellulite and Inner thigh videos

Long walking (minimum 1 hour)

Long walking (minimum 1 hour)

Here are the links where videos are:

Free videos

More free videos

Yvette, try my advices for 2 weeks and please give me feedback how you feel, do you see any progress?

I am glad to have further info from you that can help me to give you more precise advices.

Wish you many nice moments with your baby :)


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