Love handles won’t go away

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by elise
(allentown, pa)

I have been going to the gym for quite some time now and do an hour of cardio (30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 running on a treadmill) followed by strength training and for some reason I still can’t get rid of my love handles.

Are there any exercises that I can do to get rid of them?

Answer from Rumi

Hi Elisa, there is misunderstanding about exercises. Exercises alone will not help you to spot the weight.

There are exercises for body spots but their role is to tone the muscles, not to burn the fat.

Yes, I have very effective exercises to get rid of love handles, but they work only combined with a diet plan.

Please, chose one of mine diets and try it for a week. Before starting with a diet, please take your measures – waist, hips and weight. After a week again take your measures and you will be surprised :-)

All the best,

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